Ready for the summer: 10 beauties to help you get in shape

Nowadays, many professional trainers, as well as ordinary girls, are becoming popular thanks to their fitness blogs. They talk about how to exercise and eat properly, and some of them prove by personal example that anyone can get in shape, even if you don't have time to visit gyms.

In our selection we are gathered 10 fitness bloggers who, just a few years ago, decided to completely change their lives and began to train, and now they help and motivate those who still do not dare to play sports. Perhaps losing a couple of kilograms by summer in the company of these beauties sounds like a challenge?

Tatyana Fedorishcheva

Tatyana is one of the most famous fitness bloggers in Russia. She admits that she never had an athletic body until one day she decided to start training.

Now the girl is the author of the popular YouTube channel about sports and a healthy lifestyle - TGYM. There she talks about healthy lifestyles and shows the different workout options that anyone can take on board.

In addition to releasing fitness videos for her channel, Tatiana writes books and gives valuable advice to subscribers on her account pages.

Karen Down and Katrina Scott

Popular fitness community Tone It Up is created by two female bloggers - Karen Down and Katrina Scott. For several years, the girls have not only created their own website, Internet channel, groups in social networks, but also launched their own author's training program, which can be installed on the phone.

Two girls in love with sports were able to create a women's community, whose members motivate each other to reach new heights in fitness day after day.

Ekaterina Buida

Ekaterina creates her own fitness-based training programs , dancing, and yoga. She is a professional choreographer and trainer.

The girl regularly posts training videos on her FitoYoga channel at home and for yoga.

On her channel you can find various materials about healthy lifestyle, for example, training and tips for beginners: how to sit on the split at home or correct posture.

Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines is a professional trainer from Australia. To date, Kayla has 9.5 million followers on Instagram. Her proprietary Bikini Body Guide (BBG) workout program is aimed at preparingtaste for bikini season.

The girl runs her own channel on YouTube, which is popular ... In addition, she regularly conducts classes with her subscribers live.

Sonya Soldatova

In addition to being a fitness blogger, she is also the creator of her own fitness studio for women, Soulunit. in addition to this, the girl also conducts online training, which everyone can sign up for.

Despite the fact that Sonya is an engineer of chemical technology by education, even at the university the girl began to train and was so carried away that she decided to devote herself entirely to fitness. She is now a professional trainer and regularly posts various workout materials on her Instagram page.

Maria Khlopnikova

Several years ago Maria decided to change her lifestyle - she began to eat right and exercise regularly. She decided to publish her achievements on social networks.

Now Maria actively maintains her personal blog, regularly tells his followers about the secrets of healthy eating, shares recipes and life hacks for his followers.

Emily Sky

Emily not only maintains her personal page and gives advice to subscribers, but also actively participates in various photo sessions.

Like many of the heroines in this collection, Emily has developed her own Fitness Inspiration Transformation (FIT) workout program. In addition to the main personal page, the famous blogger has several others dedicated to fitness and beauty.

Yulia Ushakova

The awards and achievements of Yulia Ushakova can be enumerated for a long time. She is an honored master of sports in bodybuilding, two-time World Champion, 5-time Russian champion and TV presenter. According to the girl, Julia was often asked for advice on training and nutrition, so she decided to open her own channel.

In addition to the channel, Ushakova is actively involved in sports. She shares recipes with her followers on social networks. In addition, Julia conducts online training courses on healthy eating, participates in fitness tours.

Maissey Arias

Maissey Arias is a popular fitness blogger and trainer, with over 2.5 million audience on Instagram. On her page, the girl not only publishes various workouts and tips for balancingfood, but also the results of people who have gone through her program and have transformed.

Her 30-day training and nutrition program has helped many people already. Meissie, first of all, wants subscribers and students not only to lose weight, but to start leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Even though the girl has little time, she always finds time to train.

Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria is a fitness blogger and creator of the Body Love (Fit Body Guides) training program.

On her personal page, the girl regularly posts educational videos, motivational quotes. She also posts photos of women who have decided to complete her 12-week training program.

She also publishes training videos and tips for her subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Go in for sports and look for motivation in everything!

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