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Ready for spring. Effective female workout for a toned body

In honor of International Women's Day and the upcoming warm season, girls want to look perfect more than ever. Most often, hopes are pinned on masters in beauty salons, dietary restrictions and sports. And if in the first and second cases everything is exclusively individual, then in the third we, together with the trainer Black Star Fitness Ruth Dushkina , were able to find a universal formula. We share with you a set of the most effective exercises in the gym that will definitely help you get in shape.

Squats with a dumbbell

Involves both glutes and back , and front , and inner thigh .

Starting position: back straight, shoulder blades brought and lowered. Weight in front of you, wide legs, toes to the sides.

Do squats. The knees also look to the sides towards the toe. The press should be tense throughout the exercise. Squat down to parallel with the floor. We get up and press more on the heels.

Try to avoid the main mistakes: the back is bent, the press is relaxed, if you squat too low, the pelvis can twist.

Reps are calculated individually. On average, 15-20 repetitions in 3-4 sets.

Leading the leg back in the simulator

When done correctly, it uses berries .

Starting position: stand in the middle of the arch of the foot, closer to the heel, take the toe and knee of the unsupported leg to the side. It is imperative to hold the pelvis so that the buttock connects correctly and the load does not transfer to the lower back.

Stretch the press. We take our leg back and make short movements. You should not take your leg forward too much so that the front surface of the thigh does not connect. Do this exercise in 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

Glute Bridge in the Machine

One of the best exercises for glutes .

Starting position: sitting in the simulator with the belt fastened. The exercise can be done with different legs, it depends on the structure of the body. But mostly - wide stance, toes and knees to the sides. You can try to place your feet in different ways and see in which case the buttocks feel better.

During the exercise we go down, tighten the buttocks upon reaching the end point, push out and also squeeze the buttocks. During the exercise, do not fold the knees inward, do not bend the lower back. MWe must do it with a flat body. Do 25 reps for three sets.

Seated Leg Curl

Engages the back of the thigh .

Initial position: sitting straight, we bring the shoulder blades together, while we strain the press. You can lightly hold on to the machine so that your lower back does not bend.

Bend the lower leg almost to the end, unbend and leave the muscles in tension. The bolster and backrest should be aligned with the knee against the axis. This exercise is performed for 20 repetitions in three sets.

Hip abduction in the simulator

gluteus medius is involved.

Starting position: there are several options for performing this exercise - you can lean on the back, you can tilt the body forward, but keep your back straight. The press is tense. The knee should be opposite the axis.

Move the hips to the side and slowly bring them together. We leave the muscles in tension and do not put the plates to the end. We perform the exercise for 25-30 repetitions for three approaches.

Adduction of the thigh in the simulator

the inner surface of the thigh is involved.

Starting position: sitting, back straight. It is important not to bend your lower back.

Smoothly bring and extend the hips. You can do 25-30 repetitions for three approaches with light weight.

Exercise on the press: knees to chest in the simulator

press is involved. It is involved in many exercises as a stabilizer, so the training can be completed with just such a load.

Starting position: the exercise can be performed in different ways. In this variant, we cling to the pad of the simulator with our socks, set our knees higher.

Raise your knees to your chest. At the same time, we strain the press and twist it as much as possible, but do not greatly round the back. We lower our knees back. We perform the exercise to the maximum.


When performed correctly, almost all muscles are involved .

Starting position: standing on forearms that should be parallel to each other.

We strain the abs, do not bend in the lower back, do not raise high, but do not lower the pelvis. We hold such a position so that the body is visually parallel to the floor. Shoulders are brought and lower the shoulders . Legs, forearms and shoulder blades as if pushing the floor. This exercise is good to do at the end of the workout. Perform three sets for the maximum time.


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