Athletes are ready for the World Championships after the last warmup in Znamensky Memorial

Ready for sports: Russian and world athletes return to the game

Sometimes it seemed that the time for sports would not come for a long time, and the competitions would still be paused. But we ourselves did not notice how, after almost three months of isolation, we came close to resuming the season. In football, the first penalties are no longer implemented (nothing, Krish!), Basketball fans are closely following the events around the NBA, and fitness lovers are waiting with bated breath for the opening of the halls.

Ready for sports: Russian and world athletes return to the game

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What you could only dream of in recent months.

In the wake of pleasant expectations, adidas launched a large-scale project Ready for Sports , the slogan of which was clearly pronounced by the musician Noize MC:

What to expect from the project Ready sports?

The new adidas campaign is a kind of motivational charge aimed at uniting sports fans and athletes themselves for the upcoming season. In Russia, the project began with the very video manifesto that we attached above. Against the background of the bright victories of our champions, the inspiring and, it seems, uncompromising words of the hip-hop artist sounded. But that's not all.

Ready for sports promises to be a large video project, on which the brand worked together with the Psycho Daily Telegram channel. Together, they want to talk about how Moscow is gradually returning to running. And so that we know the news firsthand, the running community leaders and journalists will speak on the screen.

Ready for sports: Russian and world athletes return to the game

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The brand launches a series about famous athletes and teams

For those who are far from marathons and any other distances, there is also good news. For almost two months - from June 11 to August 1 - episodes of Ready For Sport and accompanying text articles will be released on the global online platform. Each separate episode is dedicated to a world famous athlete, team or team.

Lionel Messi was the first to tell the audience about his sporting path. The Argentinian admitted: during self-isolation, he realized that football is a gift that must be able to receive and convey to others. Without it, according to the forward, a feeling of emptiness arises in life.

New Zealand debuted among teams in the seriesand the All Blacks rugby union. But the most interesting is ahead: the original stories will be told by the clubs Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester United, Arsenal and Bayern Munich. And among the athletes we will hear football player Mohammed Salah, golfer Xander Schaufel, skateboarder Tichon Jones, tennis player Garbinier Mugurusu, basketball player Donovan Mitchell and others.

Ready for sports: Russian and world athletes return to the game

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We promise that it will be interesting for both young sports fans and their parents.

After a long lull, all this prompts the thought that life is returning to its former rhythm. But it will have new challenges, victories, difficulties, discoveries and, of course, sports. And we are definitely ready for it.

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