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Rare glimpses of German heritage: foreign fans about Kaliningrad

Every day football fans from all over the world admire the beauty of Russian cities. Kaliningrad was no exception, where the match Spain - Morocco will be held today. What emotions did the western capital of Russia evoke among foreigners?

Moroccan football fans compare Kaliningrad with their home cities (and the advantages, by the way, are on the side of Kaliningrad):

If in Meknes and Azru ( cities in Morocco) had the same airports, the same trams, the same road network and the same services (hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping centers, etc.), as in Kaliningrad, I would be glad.

But some Moroccan fans are not surprised by the architecture or the atmosphere in the city. Is that Kaliningrad is cleaner:

Kaliningrad is similar to Meknes, only cleaner. There is nothing special or original, the city is nonsense.

Despite this, many foreigners include Kaliningrad in their personal top host cities of the 2018 World Cup:

One thing I didn't expect from the World Cup is how beautiful the host cities are. Kaliningrad and Yekaterinburg are my personal favorites.

Fans of the Moroccan national team staged a real music festival on the streets of Kaliningrad: they sang and chanted Thank you, Russia !:

But many guests are surprised not only by the atmosphere, but also by the museum exhibits in the city, to which the fans are not without humor:

This is how the Kaliningrad region welcomes its guests.

Some Europeans celebrate glimpses of German heritage in Kaliningrad and enjoy the familiar atmosphere:

This is my first visit to Kaliningrad for the Croatia - Nigeria match. There are rare glimpses of German heritage, not least in the stunning Königsberg Cathedral.
And this impression of the city does not require too much description:

Briefly about Kaliningrad: sausages, bunkers and beer.

In the next selection, we will tell you about the impressions of foreign fans from other cities hosting the 2018 World Cup matches.

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