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Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Knock out a hundred out of a hundred, not be afraid to set ambitious goals for yourself, grow in creativity and help others grow, remain faithful to the cause, wife and favorite football team. If it was possible to characterize the rapper ST in several sentences, then I would choose these.

Not so long ago he presented a new album, within the framework of which the artist decided to launch a 24-hour concert. For a whole day with short rest breaks, ST rocked, read and inspired the audience with his perseverance. Read about how we managed to carry out this concert, personal songs on the new album and plans for the near future in an interview.

Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship


- There are very few rap guys who have crossed the threshold into adulthood and successfully rap, record tracks. How do you manage it and do you agree that there are really few such people?
- It all depends on whether it is 10.20 or 2? It is difficult to remain understood by your audience and it is very easy to start flirting with the young in pursuit of fleeting hype. Maybe it is destroying someone. As for me, I just love what I do. And there were moments when I fell out, because there is always a search - for myself, for a new sound. The main thing is to remember in time who you are and why you are doing it.

- When you just started, did you come across what people said: Sasha, find a normal job, who will pay you for rap ?
- Naturally. I think it can be compared to the guys who make millions from video gambling. Parents probably said something like: You just sit at the computer, nothing will come of you, you lose all the money. And then they buy apartments for their parents. It's the same with rap. Everyone who is not lazy beat for rap. It seemed to my parents that it was possible to earn money only according to the classical scheme - school, institute, office. The fact that you can get money for music seemed like something impossible.

- What could you become if you did not become a rapper?
- Teacher of the Russian language.

Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Your album is out ... I think it turned out to be very personal. Tell us, what did you put into it and with what message did you write?
- There are definitely personal songs in the album. This is also the beauty of rap music, you talk about what is happening to you. The audience already decides whether it is close to them or not. I am also inspired by the stories that happen around me - the lives of friends, impressions, experiences. Together, this affects me. In this album I wanted to tell not about clubs and bitches, but to share stories, communicate with the audience. As strange as it may sound, I wanted to listen to them. So that people who have happened to my songs understand that I hear them too.

- Can you compare your album with some kind of literary work?
- Definitely not for me to compare yourself with someone.This is likely to be done by the listeners if they want to. I am me. Naturally, we all grow up on certain literature, music, visual arts, and willy-nilly we absorb pieces of different authors that influence us. Naturally, I was influenced somewhere by Yesenin's work, somewhere by Tupac Shakur, Kurt Cobain, Decl. All this slowly shaped me as a person.

- What is the most important track for you in the album?
- It's hard to highlight. It's like posting an album of one song. Everyone will think that this is your favorite and will only listen to her. The most personal, of course, the song Parents is one hundred percent. Song for the widest audience - Louis Louis. And if we talk about rap, I really like One on One, because it is directly made in the canons of aggressive emotional rap, which is typical and close to me.

- How do you accumulate creative energy in yourself? After all, besides the fact that you are working on your album, you write songs for other stars, take care of your family.
- I have no idea. I don't know how to draw charts at all. It seems to me that if I planned everything, it would be easier. Therefore, I often come across the fact that today I have Super Poems, yesterday we closed the lists of participants, we still need to distribute the book, because the second edition has been released. Before that, I was preparing for a record, released an album, we wrote a new song for Olya (Buzova - ed.) . The show Battle of Talents is coming out soon on STS Love, which I host. Somehow it all just happens and spins by itself.

Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- What about songs? Are you sitting in a cafe and the inspiration comes?
- Completely different. It happens that one line comes to mind and a song pours out of it. It happens that the thought appears that it would be cool to say exactly about this - how can this be conveyed? So it was with the poem Pigeons, the idea arose that people in the network are like birds, when they swear at you - this is for money. I have point B - to say a thought, and then I just think over the path.

- Continue the line from Yevtushenko's poem Poet in Russia ...
- I have my own: Our the fields are immense as our soul, a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime. It seems to me that in no other country in the world can poets be born. Someone may tell me about Byron, Shakespeare, but this is a completely different poetry. Russian rap also carries something different from the western one. When it just turns into tracing paper, it loses its ingredients. Domestic poetry in this regard dominates and develops, it's great.


- Tell us about your 24-hour concert, how did you get the idea to do it?
- We had a meeting before the album, and we discussed that now they go naked on stage, and they beat eggs in the square, and participate in scandals. But I am far from all this. Moreover, when you release an album called Poet, shock with some farce withI really don't want to.

Besides, I have a lot of songs that I have wanted to reread for a long time. And so, word for word, the idea came with a record. Since no one did that, they began to think about time. Five o'clock doesn't sound, ten too, but a day sounds. Of course, we had no idea what awaited us. And good. Because I would hardly have fit into such a movement if I knew (laughs) . It turned out to be much more complicated than I imagined.

Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- What was the most difficult moment?
- Since it was in the Ruki Up bar, I saw traffic jams on the road and understood what time it was on the clock. But at some point, when I thought that the middle had long been passed, an operator came up to me, and on his watch I saw that it was five minutes to twelve. Then I understand that there is not even half of it ... And this cannot be called a feeling of fatigue, it is just some kind of childish resentment. And there were a couple more moments when I thought there were two hours left, and there were eight of them. You absolutely lose track of time.

- Was the last hours easier?
- Since the last hours for me were several times (smiles) , then my moral and volitional qualities were already working there. I was in a state of Zen. And only then I realized that if everything had not worked out, it would have been a huge fiasco. Because people are very good at finishing. And if you decided to do something and fell, then you're finished. This was visible on the broadcast. In the beginning, they wrote that I would die in an hour, in two, in five, and in the last hours people were already drowning and encouraging me.

In addition, performing live is much easier than just in front of cameras. My fan Kolya Glukhov has arrived. This is one fan worth trying for. There was a moment when the whole team was already tired, and Kolya stood and rocked. I had a mess of lyrics in my head, I peeped, and he scribbled all the albums by heart. And I felt so ashamed. And at some point we changed, he sat down, but I read in his eyes: I'm with you. I don't even know what good I can do for him after that. This is one fan who is worth a thousand.

- The main question: where did you get so many songs from?
- I performed only my own songs, and then not all. I could not find the minus of many mixtapes, over the years they were simply lost. Naturally, I repeated myself, but we just called it encores.

Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- What else could you drink, eat during the record?
- I hardly ate anything. The wife, of course, tried to feed. But the break was only five minutes, and I didn't want to waste time on it. Moreover, food travels through the body in both directions. I drank green tea that Assol brought from Lake Baikal. Unfortunately, there is no instruction, like if you are going to make a concert for 24 hours, buy cutlets, buckwheat ... although now we canwrite. But everything is individual, of course.

- Did you drink any vitamins to maintain energy?
- I am very grateful to our phoniatrist Ekaterina Osipenko, without her it would all be impossible. She sprayed all the time, massaged her temples, smeared me with an asterisk. And then after that I went on to work.

- What helps you to keep yourself in good physical shape, that you could dare to take a marathon distance in a concert and generally keep active during the day? br> - Internal stupidity. And the confidence that it can be done. I do not think that I am in good physical shape, especially since I periodically go to the hospital. On the other hand, I am still young and healthy, so I have strength. Although, to be honest, before the concert I caught a cold, my throat hurt. It never happens that you decided to make a record, and slept in a week, nothing hurts, you feel good ... Fate will always test you until the last. Well, or is it my fate. I have been smoking since I was 17, but for four days before the record I did not even touch a cigarette. And there were moments when thoughts of just one cigarette flashed in my head - nothing serious, but I immediately realized that if I could not keep my word here, given to myself, then some higher powers would certainly not allow me to fulfill my plans there.


- Looking at you from the outside, we can conclude that you are monogamous both in terms of genre and in terms of women, and even a football club. Tell me, how did your love with Spartacus begin?
- Very commonplace. I was visiting a friend and saw a beautiful book. I read it, read several chapters right during the party. I took all three books from him. These were Angel on the right shoulder, Hardcore of the white minority and We will come to you Dmitry Lekukh. I was 20 years old. Then I got to the stadium, to the center, and then to the gate.

Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Do you remember any match that kept you on your toes?
- I remember how we won in the last minutes near Orenburg. In general, it's always very difficult to play at matches. This was not very popular before. It was necessary to understand soberly that when you play before a responsible game, if the team loses, you are to blame. Because you bitch are unhappy. There is no other explanation. Therefore, when we played against CSKA, I read before that and thought: if only we did not lose, it would be a fiasco.

- Did you participate in a fan fight?
- No ... And now they happen less often, because there are cameras everywhere.

- Do you always watch from the fan stands?
- Basically, yes.

- Do fans often recognize?
- Yes. I love when they fit. These are my red and white brothers. I just don't like it when they are photographed for the company, because everyone is photographed. It still feels very strong.

- Have you been on the road? What was the most memorable one?
- Probably samy first. It was Ufa. I still remember not having time to buy plane tickets, and flew for miles in business class. Oh, how many jokes I heard enough then. Everyone teased that I was a star, and I kept trying to justify myself. Soon I will fly to Rostov with the guys (the interview was recorded before the Rostov - Spartak game, held on April 14 - ed.).

- You don't know if anyone is listening - What are your songs in Spartak?
- Good question. I dont know. To be honest, I don’t think that if I’m a media person and support Spartak, we must be friends with everyone to take pictures, and they must listen to my tracks. Everyone has their own life.

- Do you support any other team?
- I empathize with Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain. I was interested in Chelsea for a while, but not for long.

- You have a lot of tattoos. Do you hit them for some occasion or for an aesthetic picture?
- Differently. But I put meaning in each one. The inscription One hundred out of a hundred is my first. It seems to me that a tattoo is like a passport. When they find you, they should immediately understand who you are, where you are from and what you do. These are not just pretty pictures. Although I have nothing against them, I have the Simpsons on my feet.

Rapper ST: a poet without a homeland is not worth a dime

Photo: Valeria Barinova, Championship

- Do you have any goals for your next travels? Which countries would you like to visit?
- I really like flying to Los Angeles. I really wanted to take Assol there, and this year I succeeded. I had a plan: convertible, sunset, palm trees, and I'll show her a Louis Louis song. True, Assol got on those 4 days a year when it rains like a wall in LA. But we went to the Lakers.

I really love to walk around Amsterdam, it's quiet and calm. I want to visit Baikal. It was a mutual dream with Assol, and we were offered such a trip, but because of the tour with Leningrad I could not go, and she went and was completely delighted. Now I want even more. And to New Zealand, perhaps.

- And to Everest?
- No, it's too difficult. You don't need to conquer the peaks just to conquer them. I don't need it, I have my own Everests.

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