How Does ALCOHOL Impact Fat Loss, Muscle & Testosterone? (What The Science Says)

Raise the degree. Can sports and alcohol be combined?

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov - about how to combine alcohol and sports, whether alcohol can be useful, and at which races the participants are served wine and beer.

Raise the degree. Can sports and alcohol be combined?

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Are alcohol and sports compatible?

If we are talking about professional sports, then the answer is obvious and categorical: no, they are incompatible. Alcohol has a predominantly negative effect on the body, slows down the recovery process, and impairs physical condition. On a professional level, it is at least unreasonable to give opponents such a head start.

It's another matter if by sport we mean amateur activities of any kind of physical activity, be it swimming, playing tennis on weekends or jogging in the morning. The situation here is not so categorical. Of course, the feast and physical activity should be separated in time, at least for a day or two. Before you force the body to work intensively, it makes sense to give it time to recover and neutralize the effects of libation.

Raise the degree. Can sports and alcohol be combined?

Participant of the beer marathon in Belgium


Why is alcohol harmful?

Alcohol depresses the nervous system and negatively affects on the emotional state and behavior of a person. In a drunk person, the reaction rate noticeably slows down, coordination and brain function deteriorate.

Alcohol can also provoke dehydration, since ethanol has a diuretic effect, and physical activity increases sweating. These two factors together can lead to a critical lack of water in the body.

Raise the degree. Can sports and alcohol be combined?

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Drinking alcohol creates an additional burden on the internal organs. especially on the heart and liver. Playing sports also puts stress on the cardiovascular system, so it is not recommended to combine alcohol and sports in order to avoid overloading the body.

Is it true that alcohol interferes with weight loss?

A separate topic is alcohol and weight loss. To be honest, there is no direct prohibition. Yes, you can drink and lose weight. To understand the process, you need to understand how the body evaluates alcohol in terms of calorie content. 100 grams of 96% alcohol contains 710 kcal. Moreover, unlike fats or carbohydrates, alcohol cannot be deposited in the cells of our body. It immediately begins to split. And all other calories coming from regular food are put aside until better times.

If you take into account the calories from alcohol within the daily norm and enter them into the diet, then the process of losing weight will not stopno. This is confirmed by both numerous studies and practice. But we must always remember that alcohol weakens our volitional resources and after a glass of whiskey or a glass of wine it can be many times more difficult to resist and not pull off a sandwich or a small cake from the plate.

Is there any benefit from alcohol?

Everyone understands that drinking is harmful, but as always in our life, the situation is not so clear-cut. Moderate doses of alcohol have a positive effect on the psyche. And beer or wine, in addition, contains useful trace elements and vitamins. For example, beer is one of the most readily available natural sources of silicon, which is responsible for maintaining bone strength, fighting the appearance of wrinkles, and lowering blood pressure. In addition to silicon, beer is rich in other trace elements - zinc, iron, copper, selenium, chromium, magnesium, and B vitamins - thiamine, biotin, folic acid, riboflavin and others.

There are benefits in other alcoholic beverages, if not overused. For example, the antioxidants in wine lower bad cholesterol and at the same time increase good cholesterol, fight cancer cells, the possibility of diabetes and depression. A glass of cognac or brandy has the same antioxidant effect as a daily dose of vitamin C, and tequila helps to lower blood sugar.

However, doctors remind you that all these trace elements are found in other, less harmful substances. Assessing the pros and cons, we have to admit that the latter still outweigh.

There is a persistent myth that there are guidelines for alcohol consumption set by the World Health Organization or the Ministry of Health. Unfortunately no. Doctors reject any attempts to force them to name a rate or a safe level of consumption. Therefore, all infographics walking on the Internet with the amount of the allowed norm per week per adult are, by and large, a profanation and someone's fantasies. If only because there are men and women weighing 60 kg, and there are 160 kg. The work of enzymes that utilize alcohol is individually tuned for everyone. Therefore, when studying all these permitted doses of alcohol (as a rule, 10 grams of pure alcohol is taken per one dose), rely on common sense and logic.

Who combines sports and alcohol?

In fact, many athletes do not disdain alcohol and are not shy about it. For example, after celebrating victories, they drink from cups or in an interview they admit that they allow themselves to relax. So in an interview, Ilya Kovalchuk said that after the game he can drink beer to restore the body and does not see this as a problem. For this, the famous hockey player was criticized by MMA fighter Alexander Shlemenko.

Alcoholic marathons are gaining popularity among runners. Several wine marathons are held in France at once.ny wine places of Bordeaux and Beaujolais. Joggers and beer marathons practice. One of the most popular takes place in Belgium. Participants of such starts drink not only after the finish, but also before the start, and some also during the race, and do not see anything wrong with it.

The main thing is not to abuse!

Raise the degree. Can sports and alcohol be combined?

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Raise the degree. Can sports and alcohol be combined?

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Raise the degree. Can sports and alcohol be combined?

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