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Radical measures: how the stars lost weight and gained weight for their roles

In order to transform into their hero, many actors often resort to radical measures: some cut their hair short, others dye it, someone is gaining, and someone is extremely losing weight. Undoubtedly, a sharp loss or weight gain can adversely affect health and even provoke a number of diseases.

That is why famous actors, in order to lose or gain weight, turn to professional nutritionists and trainers. The championship has compiled a list of stars who, risking their health, are ready to lose or gain extra pounds for the sake of the role.

Russell Crowe

American actor Russell Crowe has played many roles. During this time, he repeatedly gained and lost weight and everything in order to better convey the image of the main character. So, for filming in the action movie Set of Lies, the actor gained about 29 kilograms, and for the role in the film Goodfellas - 24 kg.

After gaining weight, the actor gets his body back in shape pretty quickly with regular gym workouts ... Crowe is now gaining some extra pounds for his new film The Gone Boy, which will premiere in September 2018.

Charlize Theron

Hollywood beauty Charlize Theron has proven more than once that she is not afraid to look ugly on the screen, if necessary according to the script. For the sake of the role, an actress can shave off her hair, lose weight, or, on the contrary, gain. For filming in the film Sweet November, Charlize lost 14 kilograms, and two years later she had to gain almost the same amount for her new role in the movie Monster. Her efforts were not in vain - for this film, Charlize won many awards, including an Oscar.

In 2016, the actress again put on 16 kg for the role of a mother with many children in the film Tully. You can watch Charlize's next reincarnation this year.

Robert De Niro

If the previous actors gained or lost weight for roles in different films, then Robert De Niro did it during the filming of one film. In the film directed by Martin Scorsese, Raging Bull, De Niro had to first play the role of a boxer in his youth, and then in age. De Niro first lost weight and gained muscle mass, and then gained another 30 kilograms in weight.

De Niro's efforts were rewarded. He received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Actor. In general, the actor often reincarnates in order to believably convey the image of his hero. For example, to create his image in the movie Taxi Driver, he lost 13 kilograms.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is best known for his role as Thor in the movie of the same name. The actor shocked his fans when he posted Hemsworth, known for his muscular physique, decided to lose weight for his role in the movie In the Heart of the Sea. As the actor said in interviews, in order to lose weight, he ate one boiled egg, several crackers and celery a day. Chris lost 15 kilograms in four weeks.

In a short period after that, Chris grew again and decided that he would no longer lose weight for his roles.

Renee Zellweger

The American actress, beloved by many, has lost weight and gained weight more than once for her roles. Perhaps, among the actors, Rene was most likely to lose weight and gain weight on the screen. gain the necessary pounds for filming in the movie "Bridget Jones's Diary", Rene consumed over 4000 calories per day.

After the release of the first part of the film, the actress quickly got into shape, as she was to play in the musical Chicago. Although, as Rene admits, she could hardly lose those extra pounds. Only avoiding junk food and exercising helped her get in shape.

Jared Leto

Lead singer of 30 Seconds To Mars and actor Jared Leto has repeatedly proved that he is ready for any external changes for the role. He can dye his hair any color, grow a mustache, stand on heels, lose weight, or gain weight. For the first time, an actor lost weight for his role in the film Requiem for a Dream, directed by Darren Aronofsky. Then Jared lost 13 kilograms. For his next job in the biographical drama Chapter 27, Leto had to put on some weight. To play the role of the killer of the great musician John Lennon, the actor gained 30 kg.

Later Leto admitted that due to the excess weight it was difficult for him to breathe. Despite the fact that Jared was under the supervision of doctors, the actor's health deteriorated. Undoubtedly, one cannot fail to mention Summer's changes for the role in the film Dallas Buyers Club. To better get used to the role, the actor not only got on his heels, but also lost 12 kilograms. For his role in the film, Leto won numerous awards, including an Oscar.

Matthew McConaughey

Jared Leto's colleague on the set of Dallas Buyers Club Matthew McConaughey also went on a diet before filming. In order to convincingly play the role of a dying person, the actor did not leave the house, went on a low-calorie diet and stopped exercising inale. In six months McConaughey lost 21 kilograms.

Like his colleague Drared Leto, Matthew McConaughey received an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his role in the film. The actor admits that gaining weight is much more fun for him than losing. For example, for the role in the movie Super Mike, he lost weight and trained twice a day, and in the movie Gold gained 20 kg.

Christian Bale

Christian Bale can rightfully be called the record holder for dropping weight among actors. In 2004, for the sake of a role in the film The Machinist, Bale lost almost 30 kilograms. After filming the film, the actor was offered to play the lead role in the film Batman Begins. This time, Bale was tasked with gaining weight and increasing muscle mass.

Matt Damon

Hollywood actor Matt Damon has also tried to lose weight and gain weight for roles. For the military drama Courage in battle, he had to lose 27 kilograms. For all the time he was preparing for the role, he ate only chicken breast. This experiment almost ended tragically, but Matt managed to recover and get his body in shape.

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