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Quiz: how many calories are in a wedge of chocolate, a slice of cheese, and other snacks?

The golden rule of proper nutrition is to eat everything, but know when to stop. With this in mind, many people allow themselves a few small snacks in addition to their main meals. But not everyone understands that the size of a product is often disproportionate to its energy value. Before you bite a chocolate bar, think about how many of these bites you have already taken today.

It's good if a person knows what the energy value of his snack is. If not, it's easy to exceed your daily calorie intake. Usually we do not think about it, and then we wonder why we recovered.

How many calories are in 100 grams of chocolate, is written on the label, and manufacturers rarely talk about two or three slices. We suggest guessing the calorie content of such snacks in a simple dough.


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