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Question of the day: why does it bring legs together during training?

Cramping is a very common phenomenon for professional athletes. Many have encountered this problem while exercising in the gym or on the treadmill. But what if one day the cramp reminds of itself while swimming in open water or in the middle of a marathon? Together with the teledoctor, expert Alexei Bezymyanny, we managed to understand the causes and consequences of this phenomenon.

Why does the legs move together?

There may be several reasons here. Poor stretching or, conversely, overtraining. If a person is overtrained, muscle fatigue forms and muscle spasm occurs, which is accompanied by a pain symptom. Usually reduces the shin. Another reason is the lack of potassium and magnesium. Also, cramps while running can occur due to improperly selected shoes. You should choose shoes according to your running style and your own feeling of comfort.

If during training you feel that the leg muscles seem to have hardened and in the same place there was a sharp pain, then you have a seizure.

Emergency seizure help

- As soon as you feel pain, stop immediately. Exercises through force in this case will not bring relief.
- Pull your big toe, the muscles will stretch in this way, and the spasm will stop.
- If the cramps during the workout affected the abs, lie on a flat surface and stretch back behind your straightened arms.
- If cramping occurs in the thigh muscles, stretch as you bend your knee and pull your leg back towards your buttocks.

Question of the day: why does it bring legs together during training?

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What to do after the pain syndrome has passed?

- Do not continue training immediately after the spasm has passed. A relaxed muscle should be allowed to rest for 15-20 minutes, otherwise the cramp may recur.
- Drink enough water (sometimes dehydration can be the cause of the cramps).
- If the pain syndrome has passed, and the muscle remains tense (stone), it is better to stop training and do a light massage of the muscle.

How to avoid cramping?

- Before each workout, do warm up (5-10 minutes), end the workout with stretching (10-15 minutes).
- Include in the diet foods high in calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. You can drink a course of vines: Regidron, Hydrophyt, Asparkam, Diakarb - they all replenish the level of potassium.

See if your shoes get washed while running. On the side from which it is erased, there is a twisting of the pelvis or an incorrect connection of the hip joint. In this case, you should contact a chiropractor. If you continue to run with a defect and in the wrong style, you will not avoid spasms and conversions.

Question of the day: why does it bring legs together during training?

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Revolutionary Tips

Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry Rod McKinnon suggests thatTo get rid of cramps, drink a special spicy drink before training. He justified this by the fact that seizures often occur due to nervous tension.

Question of the day: why does it bring legs together during training?

To regulate excessive movement of neurons in the body, he suggests drinking before or During workout, a mixture of cayenne pepper (1/2 teaspoon), lemon juice (1 teaspoon) and a glass of cold water. You can also prepare different drinks containing other spicy foods: ginger, cinnamon, pepper mix.

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