How much cardio? What kind of cardio should you do?

Question of the day: what kind of cardio workouts are there?

In the "Question of the Day" heading, new for our section, experts, celebrities and professional athletes continue to answer simple and topical questions from our readers. Today, together with our guest, an expert of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit Anton Shapochka, we will talk about cardio training, equivalent replacement of a treadmill and the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic training.

The video can be viewed on the official X channel -fit on YouTube.

Anton Shapochka, expert of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit: “Remember that cardio is not only running. If you don't like running, use uphill walking, for example. Cardio workouts include running, cycling, swimming, skiing, indoor cycling, treadmills, steppers, rowing machines. Despite this, the effect of cardio training can be achieved during functional training in the gym. ”

What is cardio training?

“ Cardio training is training that develops the cardio-respiratory system. It is very important to develop this system because everything we do in life requires high efficiency of the heart (pumping blood) and lungs (enriching the blood with oxygen). ”

Tip: before training, about an hour, it is better to eat something light, protein-carbohydrate. You can eat after exercise. Protein is better.

Who needs cardio?

“Everyone! Bodybuilders, losing weight, teens and pregnant retirees. Since without the efficient operation of these systems, our body will be very difficult. ”

Question of the day: what kind of cardio workouts are there?


What is cardio training for?

“Cardio training helps:

- to strengthen the cardiovascular system;

- to normalize the heart rate;

- train the respiratory system;

- increase the body's endurance '.

Advice from the trainer: cardio training is a rather long way if your goal is to reset weight, in this case, strength training and nutritional correction will give a visible effect much faster.

What kind of cardio training are there?

You can divide training by zones:

- aerobic (with oxygen). Many types of exercise are aerobic. For example, running long distances at an average pace is a typical example of aerobic exercise;

- anaerobic (without oxygen, when the intensity of training is such that the heart and lungs cannot cope with the O2 demand). Typical examples of anaerobic motor activity are strength training and sprint running. The differences between the two types of motor activity come from the different duration and intensity of muscle contractions. The way that energy is produced inside the muscles depends on it.

“In addition, cardio workouts can be divided into uniform and interval. To effectively develop the cardio-respiratory system, the best way is to interactthe eager method (when we alternate between work in the aerobic / anaerobic zones) and the uniform aerobic method (when we are in the same heart rate zone for a long time). ”

Question of the day: what kind of cardio workouts are there?


Can cardio be used as a cool-down or warm-up in the gym?

“ It's best to set aside individual days of uniform aerobic cardio and interval cardio. If we are talking about a warm-up, then it is better to do a series of dynamic stretching. After training, a series of static stretching is a good alternative. ”

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