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Question of the day: how to set your running goal for the year?

On New Year's Eve, everyone makes wishes. More often than not, we want to immediately see the result, and not the means to get it. Personally, under the chimes, I ask Santa Claus for strength and patience, so as not to give up on the way to my goals. But no fairy-tale character will help if we ourselves cannot organize ourselves. Therefore, the most important thing to start January with is a plan, in our case a running training plan.

Question of the day: how to set your running goal for the year?


So, what is it and why do you need it?

A training plan is a schedule of your activities for a certain time interval, the length of which depends on your goal. For example, if you are going to run a marathon in the fall, you need to start preparing for it now, or at least no later than four months in advance. The plan will help you organize your time to systematically prepare for the competition and acquire a slender fit body.

Running for fun

The first thing I would like to note is that you should not chase professional athletes who all life is a solid training. If you don't have enough time to run because of work, study, family, then you don't need to torture yourself with midnight runs just to put a tick in the plan. The training program should be flexible and proportionate to the main loads, otherwise running will no longer be enjoyable.

Developing the body harmoniously

Jogging is, of course, good, but do not forget to include functional training in the plan for different muscle groups. In exercises with your own body weight and additional weighting, those muscles that were not loaded enough during running are used - this will make the body harmoniously developed. In addition, pumping muscles will increase strength, endurance and speed, for which you will thank yourself at competitions.

How much do you need to train?

We figured out the types of load, but how much should it be ?

To determine the optimal volume of training, everyone must, again, depending on their goal. To maintain tone, it will be enough to train 2-3 times a week, to prepare for 10 km - 3-4 trainings, if the race is longer - 5-6 days a week or increase the number of kilometers in one workout and train 4 days out of 7.

Question of the day: how to set your running goal for the year?


What is running volume?

The mastered kilometers are the running volume. When I just started to run, there was enough volume of 15 km in a week, now, especially taking into account my Napoleonic plans to conquer a marathon distance in 4 hours, you need to run about 70 km for 7 days.

And when to rest and recover?


Certainly, it is impossible without recovery days. But precisely days, not weeks or months: extended rest is a step in the opposite direction from the goal. Therefore, you need to take care of yourself in any season and in any mood. And, nevertheless, singled out one evening per week, and the bestf the whole day and devote time to yoga or stretching, walking around the city or going to the museum. Both the head and the body need rest, and then with new strength and according to the plan to the desired result!

Make a running plan using the application

If you are afraid to incorrectly determine the state of your body and not to manage your training plan yourself, use the My Trainer option in the Nike + Run Club app, or the ready-made training program on the Nike website , or the McMillan Running Calculator running calculator.

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