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Question of the day. How to choose a course of vitamins for the fall?

Did you feel lethargic, severe fatigue and a complete reluctance to get up early in the morning to work? It is possible that the main problem is not outside the window, but inside your body. Together with doctor Alexei Bezymyanny, we will try to figure out which vitamins are most effective to take in the fall, how to determine vitamin deficiency and not get to the hospital with hypervitaminosis.

Question of the day. How to choose a course of vitamins for the fall?


How to feel that our body lacks vitamins?

Alexey Bezymyanny, doctor :“ Vitamins, like other drugs and dietary supplements, should be used as directed by a doctor, you should not rely only on your feelings. For an ordinary person, unfortunately, it is much more natural to catch hypervitaminosis and go to the hospital in the drug allergy department than to suffer from vitamin deficiency. ”

What is vitamin deficiency?

“ Currently, how such vitamin deficiency practically does not occur. This disease is associated with a deficiency of vitamins that come from food. We have to live on an uninhabited island so as not to replenish the supply of vitamins and microelements, or to go on a mono-diet, like the Ducan diet, where protein food is predominantly. Then the amount of vitamins is really reduced. And so in general, all the products that are now contain most of the vitamins and minerals. ”

The first symptoms of avitominosis: mood swings, drowsiness, fatigue, ulcers on the tongue, pallor , irritability.

Why do we feel tired in the fall?

“Everything I have already said works for a healthy person. Unfortunately, we have almost no such people now, everyone has diseases, ranging from dysbiosis to banal overwork. In addition, there are people who have a predisposition to some kind of illness or increased energy expenditure during the day. They, of course, need to take vitamins. ”

What vitamins are there?

“ Vitamins are water-soluble and fat-soluble. You must immediately look and read which ones you are buying. The main thing is that the composition does not include both. If they are separate, then everything is fine. As for prebiotics, it is desirable that they be consumed separately from the vitamin complex. ”

How to choose vitamins for yourself?

“ When a person is actively involved in mental activity, his body constantly needs foods fortified with B vitamins or B vitamins as an additive. Athletes also need vitamins, even microelements, because the work of the muscles is associated with the work of the ionic balance - potassium plus sodium. Due to this, muscle contraction occurs and a person who leads an active lifestyle needs potassium and magnesium to be consumed in sufficient volume. Many athletes take preparations containing potassium and magnesium, plus B vitamins. ”

Question of the day. How to choose a course of vitamins for the fall?


Vitamins to be careful with

“ It's important to talk about calcium and D vitamins here. People should not know only about the benefits, but also about the dangers of uncontrolled use of supplements. Everyone knows that we need vitamin D, and many associate its consumption with a good mood. In fact, this is true, but there is one thing, it improves the absorption of calcium. And if you take it uncontrollably , then hypercalcification occurs. This leads not only to excessive deposition of calcium, which is not bad, but to formations in the vessels, and calcification of the heart valves, this can lead to heart disease. Therefore, I repeat, you cannot take vitamins uncontrollably. ”

Useful Supplements


“If we are talking about Omega-3, then this supplement for certain purposes - to lower the level of bad cholesterol. different, there are those who have normal cholesterol levels, there are those who have elevated cholesterol levels. nutrition, but also predisposition. For some, cholesterol is associated with a specific genetic feature of the liver. And such patients need to take for life supplements enriched with Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids. ”


“ In addition to vitamins, there are also prebiotics, which sometimes come in one composition with vitamins. I will not name the brands now, but they exist, both Russian and Western. Prebiotics are one of the main components that populate our microflora. They are responsible for the digestion and assimilation of food. If we have intestinal hyperthyroidism, which is formed due to stress, alcohol abuse, due to antibiotic treatment, and so on, then our intestinal microflora is disturbed and vitamins enter our body to a lesser extent. This is when prebiotics should be added. They normalize microflora and a person's intake of vitamins improves. A typical microflora normalization course lasts about 30 days. ”

Question of the day. How to choose a course of vitamins for the fall?


We are looking for vitamins in natural products

“In the fall, a person needs to diversify their diet. This can be done by buying food in small portions at the market, in the store. You don't have to buy the most expensive ones. You can buy one carrot today, celery tomorrow. This will not affect the overall budget, but in this way you can diversify your diet.

For example, you can buy a buckwheat group in which vitamin B is present, or dried fruits and magnesium will enter the body. Athletes love dried apricots with nuts because this dish contains so much energy. ”

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