12 Tips To Start Running For Weight Loss, Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Question of the day. Does running help you lose weight?

Many people, having decided to lose a couple of kilograms, start running every day. This is the very first and most obvious option that intuitively comes to mind. However, experts are increasingly saying that the effectiveness of running for weight loss is greatly exaggerated. So do you need to run to lose weight? The expert opinion is shared by the trainer of the SM Stretching fitness studio chain Vladimir Lepesa .

Question of the day. Does running help you lose weight?

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To evaluate the effectiveness of running for weight loss, you need to understand the general mechanics of losing weight.

There is a universal rule: to start the process of losing weight, you need to spend more energy than consume. So, without proper nutrition, running is ineffective. Being in a calorie deficit, the body begins to replenish the lack of energy with the help of adipose and muscle tissue. Moreover, first of all, the body will get rid of muscles, as they consume a lot of energy. To reduce the percentage of body fat while preserving muscle, you should not only monitor calories and balance of the BJU, but also exercise systematically.

Question of the day. Does running help you lose weight?

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Running is just one option. Remember, calories can be burned with other activities. This can often be even more effective. The undoubted advantages of running are cardiovascular training, the development of general endurance and maximum accessibility. At the same time, a varied running load (monotonous running, interval running, running with a change in height, etc.) will perfectly work out the main muscle groups and spend a large number of calories.

For those who mainly use a long monotonous load ( long runs at the same pace), I would advise connecting strength training in parallel, since monotonous low-intensity load negatively affects the preservation of muscle mass during overall weight loss.

It is also important to note that people who are overweight are not it is recommended to abruptly introduce running into your training process, it is advisable to start with walking. To start intense running loads, you need to be sure that there are no contraindications and that you have the correct running technique, this will help to avoid injuries.

Question of the day. Does running help you lose weight?

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Question of the day. Does running help you lose weight?

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Question of the day. Does running help you lose weight?

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Is Running The Best Way to Lose Weight? | Is running good for you?

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