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Question-answer: what is more in coffee - harm or benefit?

Millions of people drink coffee every day. Basically this drink is used to invigorate. This is understandable, given the lack of sleep and the frantic pace of life of the average person. However, over time, the most conflicting opinions about coffee were formed, and people were divided into ardent opponents and defenders of an invigorating drink.

Based on the latest research, we understand what is more in coffee - harm or benefit, how the drink affects the body, with what is better to drink it and in what quantities.

Fun fact: It is believed that the coffee tree was discovered by Ethiopian shepherds. They have noticed that coffee-eating goats are becoming overly active.

The benefits of coffee

Those who oppose coffee clearly underestimate the benefits of this drink. This is what coffee does to our bodies.

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It does not cause a significant increase in pressure. A slight increase in pressure may occur in those who rarely drink the drink.
  • Reduces the risk of cancer. In particular, we are talking about lesions of the brain, liver, breast, skin, uterus.
  • Able to prevent the following ailments: Alzheimer's disease, cirrhosis of the liver, gout, type 2 diabetes.
  • Pure coffee has zero calories. Only the regular addition of milk and sugar to the drink leads to the deposition of fat in the body.
  • Coffee improves productivity. This applies to both mental labor and physical labor.

It should be noted that coffee can do real harm if you drink too much of it. In excessive quantities, almost any product can have a detrimental effect.

Coffee harm

Of the side effects of coffee, the following are most commonly cited.

  • Increased excitability.
  • Coffee is a diuretic product. You just have to remember about the drinking regime and consume enough clean water immediately after a cup of coffee.
  • Coffee has contraindications: these are some diseases, as well as problems with the metabolism of caffeine

How to drink coffee correctly

  • It is better to drink coffee two hours after you wake up, so that the body does not awaken artificially. Drinking coffee while naturally awakening will have a more effective invigorating effect.
  • It is better not to drink coffee on a regular basis, the temperature of which is more than 60 ° C.
  • You can drink up to five cups of coffee a day.

Coffee myths have been partially debunked. But issresearch is ongoing, and maybe in the near future we will learn more about the benefits of coffee.

Is caffeine bad for you?

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