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Question-answer: how to use bike sharing in Moscow?

The season of bike rental in Moscow has long been open, and a special tariff has been introduced for football fans - what is not a reason to join the ranks of sportsmen? Over 4,000 bicycles and 430 stations throughout the city will be available this summer. We decided to remind you how to rent an iron horse and what you need to do.


To register, you need a bank card, phone or bike rental terminal. After you enter your data on the website, in the VeloBike mobile application (App Store or Google Play) or in the terminal, an SMS will be sent to your phone number with a login and password to enter your personal account.

The fastest way to register is through a mobile application or website, terminals hang and are equipped with a not very sensitive sensor.

Tariff selection and payment

You can also pay for access through personal account (in the application, on the website or through the terminal). You need to choose access to the rental: for a day, a month or a season.

Immediately after the start of rental 30 minutes, you can use the bike for free. For a trip up to one hour, you will have to pay from 30 rubles to 3 thousand.

Pay attention to the extended fare, which provides for trips up to 45 minutes instead of 30 minutes and insurance, as well as the fare On FAN 2018, which guarantees access to rental three days and extends the free trial to 60 minutes.

Choosing a bike

Now the most important thing is to choose a free bike at one of the 430 stations, check it for damage and, if everything suits you, enter your login and password on the electronic bike lock. Wait for the message about the start of the rental.

Returning the bike

At any time you can return the bike to any free station. To do this, you need to drive up to a free parking stand and secure the bike. Wait for the message return OK on the lock and SMS confirming the end of the rental.

What to do, if the bike breaks down?

Don't panic and call the support service at +7 (495) 966-4-669. You will be asked to give a description of the problem, the bike number and leave it at the station.

Who can borrow a bike?

You can rent a bike if you are:

- older 16 years old,

- you are not intoxicated,

- you are not going to leave the Moscow Ring Road and on highways,

- you are not going to transport other persons on it, including children.

How to get an electric bike?

For renting electric bicycles, the same tariffs apply, additional registrationThere is no need to charge.

Be sure to check the charge level. If all three indicators are on, there is enough energy for 18 kilometers, yellow and red for 10 kilometers, red for five. Be careful, a flashing red light means that the bike has not yet been charged.

The electric bike should only be returned to the power plant, otherwise you will face a fine of 1,000 rubles.

How to turn on the electric bike?

In order to turn on the electric bike, you need to press the red button on the right and smoothly pull the trigger.

Remember that driving such a bike requires the skill of confident driving.

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