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Quarantine in April: what will change in city life

Quarantine measures are currently being introduced in many regions of Russia to stop the spread of coronavirus. The current week was declared a non-working week, and citizens were encouraged to stay at home and keep going outside to a minimum. Today the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made a second appeal to the Russians. He announced that self-isolation would be extended until April 30. We will tell you how the city life will change after such a serious decision.

What will not work during quarantine?

This week in the capital, institutions where a large number of people usually accumulate have already closed. Now we are temporarily unavailable to visit cafes, bars, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers and other places of leisure. Unfortunately, fitness centers, swimming pools and sports clubs were also hit. So we won't see strength training in the gym and stretching in the studio until at least the end of the month.

Quarantine in April: what will change in city life

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During the quarantine, medical facilities and pharmacies, manufacturing facilities, convenience stores and all services that provide life support will continue to operate. So you can still get the help and medicines you need, buy healthy food and order sports equipment from the online store.

Quarantine in April: what will change in city life

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Quarantine in April: what will change in city life

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The non-working week officially begins on March 28.

What restrictions await city residents?

During self-isolation for Russians it is strongly recommended to stay at home and only go outside when absolutely necessary. Therefore, those who work does not allow them to travel to the office will have to reorganize all their affairs to the home. That is, to switch to a remote location, play sports within four walls, arrange leisure and travel so as not to leave the threshold of the apartment.

People and companies who will neglect self-isolation will face fines - now everything is serious. Their amount for citizens is from 15 to 40 thousand rubles, for officials - from 50 to 150 thousand rubles, and for organizations - up to 500 thousand rubles. Suspension of activity for three months is also possible. And if an irresponsible person harms the health of others, the size of the fines will increase significantly. Muscovites will be fined 4 thousand rubles for banal non-compliance with quarantine, and again - by 5.

They will also be punished for fakes about coronavirus. Lovers of misinformation and exaggeration face heavy fines or compulsory correctional labor. Therefore, quarantine compliance is the interest of each of us. Only in this way can we maintain health, protect others.and in addition not to lose a round sum from the wallet.

Quarantine in April: what will change in city life


The situation in the regions

The toughest measures will affect Moscow, the Moscow region and cities with a large number of infected residents. The President called on the regions to act independently, starting from a specific situation. If in some it is necessary to introduce serious restrictions, then in others local and point solutions will suffice. For example, Karelia, where not a single infected person has yet been found, is unlikely to expect serious changes in the coming weeks. Although, of course, all people, wherever they live, need to observe the rules of hygiene and take care of health.

In addition, the regions will be able to reduce the number of days off if the situation improves. The announced date - April 30 - will not be the finish line of self-isolation for everyone. Perhaps some cities will return to their usual rhythm of life earlier, while others will have to remain isolated for a longer period of time.

Quarantine in April: what will change in city life

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Quarantine in April: what will change in city life

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