Q&A: bungee jumping - how dangerous is it?

Extreme sports are a passion of many people. One of the most dangerous and attractive is bungee jumping. In Russia, he is often confused with a bungee familiar from childhood. In practice, however, these devices have nothing in common, except for the jump from a height down.

What is a bungee?

A bungee is a long rubber rope that can stretch and contract. With its help, the jumper freely falls from a height and hangs on the cable for a while. Such an attraction gives the extreme lovers the feeling of diving into an abyss and free planning in the air like a bird.

The natives began to practice bungee jumping more than a hundred years ago. So they tested the courage of their fellow tribesmen. This sport gained popularity among extreme sports after the release of the movie BBC The Land Divers of Pentecost in 1960.

The most beautiful bungee jumping places in the world

Bungee jumping will help you overcome your inner fears and free yourself up. But the external atmosphere plays a special role in this. Here is a selection of the most beautiful places in the world to jump from. Positive emotions and impressions for a lifetime are guaranteed!

  • Macau Tower, China

The favorite place of all bungee jumpers. Macau Tower is one of the tallest buildings in the world. Its height is 238 meters. Almost at the very top there is an observation deck with a jumping bridge on it. This location attracts extreme lovers from all over the world!

  • Bridge through Victoria Falls, Zambia

The height of this object is almost half the size of the Chinese landmark (152 meters). But the bridge captivates with the beauty of the wild nature located around. The water rushes down into the gorge from a height, boils and makes noise ... Many jumpers lost control and thought that they would not be able to safely complete the flight. But nothing happened. And jumping from Victoria Falls was another unforgettable experience!

  • Navajo Bridge, Marble Canyon, USA

We recommend visiting this place in early autumn. In September, the canyon plays with special colors, and the Colorado River is swift and fast. The height of the structure is small - 142 meters, but the local landscapes are certainly worthy of your attention!

  • Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, USA

Absolute record holder! Its height is 321 meters, and below the stormy Colorado River runs. Many extreme sportsmen prepared for a long jump from this bridge and overcame their fear. But it is impossible to resist the beauty of the Great Canyon and your own passion. Interesting fact: despite the monstrous height on the bridge, there were no accidents associated with bungee jumpinghom.

  • Skypark, Sochi

Our country also supports the development of bungee. On the Black Sea coast - the main summer vacation spot for Russians, Skypark is located - a real paradise for those who like to tickle their nerves. There are several jumping platforms in this place, the highest is 207 meters. The beauty of the Akhshtra Gorge and the Mzymta River will conquer any jumper.

Answers to the most popular questions about bungee jumping

  • What is the probability of crashing?

Of course, an unfavorable outcome can never be ruled out. Still, jumping from a height is a huge risk. But, we assure you, if you jump with the instructor's advice and proven equipment, it comes to naught. In this dangerous business, the main thing is not to fuss.

  • How often does the bungee break?

Each rope must be replaced after every 400 jumps , which is only 30% of the total rope resource. This rule has existed since 1990 and must be strictly followed. Draw your own conclusions.

  • How long is the flight?

It depends on the height of the place from which the jump is made. Usually about 4-7 seconds. Do not think that this is not enough! There will be enough sensations. Plus, do not forget about the preparation time for the jump. This process is also endowed with special emotions and constant doubts. Especially if you are a beginner.

  • Is it possible to fly with someone?

There are locations that practice pair jumping ... However, there is one caveat: the total weight of two people should not exceed 124 kilograms.

  • From what age can you jump?

Officially: from the moment of majority, 18 years. But jumping in the presence of parents or guardians is permissible from the age of 10.


1. Hypertension and heart disease 2. Epilepsy
3. Pregnancy 4. Weight limit: people under 35kg and weighing more than 100kg are not allowed to jump!

By the way, even people with disabilities can make their dreams come true and jump from a height. Of course, after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.

Bungee jumping is a sport that has conquered many. The feeling of complete freedom, unity with nature and immensity is off scale here. At the moment of the jump, a reassessment of life values ​​occurs, and problems recede into the background.

OMG I did a bungee jump!

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