The science is in: Exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight

Proven by science. Is it possible to lose weight in 10 minutes of running a day

People who want to lose weight often opt for running. This type of activity captivates with its simplicity, affordability and efficiency, however, in order to achieve a noticeable result, it is important to take into account several nuances. One of the main ones is the length of the run.

How much do you need to run to lose weight?

This question arises for everyone who decides to fight extra pounds through running training. It is believed that the active process of fat burning begins 30-40 minutes after running at low intensity, in the aerobic heart rate zone. Prior to this, the body receives energy through the burning of carbohydrates, and specifically, glycogen, which is found in large quantities in the liver and muscles. Thus, to effectively fight obesity, the duration of the workout should be at least 50 minutes, and preferably an hour.

Proven by science. Is it possible to lose weight in 10 minutes of running a day

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At least, it was considered so before the publication of the research of a group of American scientists. The results of their work can radically change the view of weight loss with the help of jogging training and attract those who are intimidated by hour runs to jogging.

Is it really possible to lose weight even in 10 minutes of running a day?

Proven by science. Is it possible to lose weight in 10 minutes of running a day


Huge changes in a short workout

We started to study the actual issue at Stanford University School of Medicine. A group of scientists led by the head of the Department of Genetics Michael Snyder conducted a detailed study on how each molecule of the body responds to exercise.

The experiment involved 36 volunteers aged 40 to 75 years, including Snyder himself. The study participants were in different conditions - from good athletic shape to overweight. Doctors took blood from volunteers before a 10-minute treadmill workout, immediately after exercise, and after 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes.

Proven by science. Is it possible to lose weight in 10 minutes of running a day

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Scientists managed to control the parameters 17,662 different molecules in the body of the subjects. It turned out that 9815 molecules, that is, more than half, changed during a 10-minute workout. Some returned to their previous state within a few minutes, and some retained the changes even an hour after the exercise on the treadmill. Parameter transformations were recorded in molecules responsible for the body's nutrition, metabolism, immunity, tissue repair and appetite.

Proven by science. Is it possible to lose weight in 10 minutes of running a day

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Is 10 minutes running enoughand for weight loss?

The results of the study allow us to conclude that even a short physical activity has a great effect on various processes in the body, including metabolism and fat burning.

Scientists intend to expand their work, to establish more precisely how each group of molecules responds to exercise. And the ultimate goal of Snyder's group is to create a method for determining the physical form of a person by analyzing blood.

Despite the wide resonance, the results of the research of scientists from Stanford do not refute the well-known formula for losing weight by running. To lose extra pounds, you need to combine long runs at low intensity with proper nutrition and healthy sleep.

However, you can start from short distances, because even a little physical activity has an amazing effect on the body. And thanks to American researchers, this intuitive truth was scientifically substantiated.

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