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Professional sports are dangerous. What consequences do you need to be prepared for?

They say that sports and health are incompatible concepts. There is fairness in this. For the sake of a professional career, people bring their bodies to the limit. Strict diet, tough daily routine, long hours of exhausting workouts, several approaches a day. This is the harsh reality of sports - to achieve any results, you need to regularly sacrifice yourself and your body.

Every sports hobby can cause damage that many people do not even know about. These consequences are hidden from the eyes of the layman, but this does not mean that they do not exist. We talk about what even banal running and swimming can be fraught with.


Many experts call running one of the most traumatic sports, because due to ignorance of the features of the correct technique, you you run the risk of seriously harming your body. Even poorly chosen clothes and shoes can lead to disastrous consequences.

Professional sports are dangerous. What consequences do you need to be prepared for?

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Professional athletes have an even harder time. One of the most common injuries is the runner's knee - inflammation of the cartilage, which manifests itself as a dull pain in the area of ​​the upper part of the kneecap. Also, professional athletes often notice inflammation of the periosteum - painful sensations appear in the lower leg or part of it. In addition, the Achilles tendon - the upper part of the heel - also suffers from the high pace of running.

Another common problem with runners is black toenails. The fact is that the toe of the shoe presses on the fingers, as a result of which a hematoma forms in this place. The injury does not cause severe pain, but it does not look very healthy, sometimes such darkening is confused with nail fungus.


First of all, when exercising in the pool, the heart and the whole cardio work for wear -vascular system. Active movements with regular shortness of breath and contact with chlorinated water provoke an unhealthy heart palpitations, which leads to the development of heart pathologies: arrhythmias, ischemia and angina pectoris. Unfortunately, lethal outcomes also occur when the athlete's heart suddenly ceases to cope with heavy loads. The public was struck by the death of a young swimmer, whose heart stopped after a swim he had completed.

Professional sports are dangerous. What consequences do you need to be prepared for?

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Professional cyclists have a number of health problems, despitethe fact that the bike is recognized as one of the most positive ways to keep fit. Yes, constant cardio workouts are certainly beneficial, but not when you're running a long or multi-day marathon like the Giro D'Italia or the Spanish Vuelta. Due to the fact that cyclists are forced to constantly be in the same position, they may experience a number of pathologies associated with leading a sedentary lifestyle, no matter how paradoxical it may sound. Cramps, spasms, pinching of the sciatic nerve, as well as a feeling of numbness in the limbs while riding - all this is faced by professionals who prefer a bicycle to other modes of movement.

The legs of cyclists after races look terrifying. Bloated veins appear due to the large volume of blood that is pumped through their limbs during long and energy-intensive competitions.

Another disease of cyclists is problems with joints and tendons. Deforming arthrosis of the knee joint, neuritis of the ulnar nerve - the consequences of constant mechanized movement of the legs. The situation is aggravated by special suits tightly fitting to the athlete's body, which often rub the skin in the groin area and on the inner surface of the thighs. This leads to unpleasant calluses.

In addition, male cyclists are subject to another danger - problems with potency. Sitting for a long time in one place compresses blood vessels and nerves, which leads to a lack of blood flow to the groin area. Many cyclists use special orthopedic saddles to avoid these problems.

Professional sports are dangerous. What consequences do you need to be prepared for?

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Just imagine that you are flying a bicycle at an average speed of 40 km / h.

Figure skating

In this form sports, athletes regularly have to make difficult jumps and spins, and in pair forms also support. All this adversely affects the spine and joints. The skaters' ankles were a little more fortunate. Because they are secured with a hard boot, they are less prone to injury. However, there is also a nuance here. High-level skaters often stop lacing the boot to the end: otherwise it is impossible to achieve the desired plasticity of movement. And this, in turn, provokes the appearance of arthritis, arthrosis and other painful joint lesions.

Professional sports are dangerous. What consequences do you need to be prepared for?

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Recently, the young figure skater Alexandra Trusova, who successfully eclipsed world records Alina Zagitova, doctors, experts and even colleagues in the shop predicted health problems after a couple of years of her active career. And why? In their opinionju, precociously developed Trusova performs too technically difficult jumps for her age. They believe that such an overload of the body will very soon make itself felt, and Alexandra will not be able to perform even simple elements. However, at the age of 15, the athlete continues a successful career and recently at the 2019 Japan Open in Saitama performed four quadruple jumps at once.

Rhythmic gymnastics

Undoubtedly, gymnastics is one of the most elegant sports. But its consequences do not look as attractive as young girls with ribbons and hoops. Stretching is not easy for all girls, many spend years of painful training, tears and fear of the coach on it.

In addition, to maintain good physical shape, gymnasts often go on special diets, literally starving themselves. Once Laysan Utyasheva recalled how, during the strictest prohibitions and strict control of calories consumed from hunger, she ate dog food.

Today, many gymnasts have stomach problems and painful ligament injuries, which are known to heal for a very long time ... And besides - terrible pain in the lower back as a result of microtraumas of the spine, scoliosis and an injury to the big toe due to unsuccessful landings.

Professional sports are dangerous. What consequences do you need to be prepared for?

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Sports, like anybody else another hobby has its drawbacks. But do not immediately focus only on them. Just devote a little more time to your health and recovery from intense workouts, and then you will not be afraid of any consequences.

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