Productive self-isolation: 5 steps to an ideal body from Nastya Kamensky

Quarantine is a chance to take a break and at the same time become better, - said the popular Ukrainian artist Nastya Kamenskikh. For several months now, she has been motivating her Instagram followers to eat right and lead a healthy lifestyle. We have collected 5 basic steps to achieve the desired figure that Nastya uses.

Step # 1: find motivation

To successfully lose weight and see the result after a month of training, Nastya Kamenskikh advises asking yourself: Why do I need this? If you are completely sure that you want to improve your health and tighten your figure, then take action! The artist advises not to pay attention to self-doubt and the opinion of strangers. You just need to take it and start doing it, - said Kamenskikh in one of her live broadcasts on Instagram.

Step # 2: start small

Everyone knows that our body is experiencing huge stress with a sharp change in the usual way of life. Nastya Kamenskikh advises to start small: establish a clear daily routine for yourself (Nastya wakes up at 6 am, and goes to bed at 9-9: 30 pm), start drinking more water, and do simple physical exercises in the morning. The artist is sure that after some time, your body will get used to it, and you will want to develop more and more physically.

Step # 3: an active morning

It is important to recharge your body with energy for the whole day in the morning. Kamenskikh is used to doing light relaxation every morning. Most recently, the artist shared a photo with subscribers where she arranged a bike ride.

Step # 4: proper nutrition

In order to achieve a dream figure, you need to follow two important rules: exercise and eat right. Nastya Kamenskikh devoted several posts to her nutrition at once. The artist advises eating small meals five times a day. The dishes are naturally non-nutritious and high in protein. Vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products should all be included in your daily diet. Nastya does not recommend giving up sweets at all. Instead, you can substitute dried fruit for candy and chocolate. The singer also recently shared a recipe for PP-ice cream with avocado and nuts.

Step # 5 : daily training

So, we have established the daily regimen, we now have a lot of vegetables, fruits and all kinds of dietary products in the refrigerator, so we only have one thing left - to start exercising daily. Almost every week, Nastya shares with subscribers various sets of exercises for different muscle groups. You can do them right at home like uhthis is what the singer herself did during the quarantine. It is important not to overexert your body. Kamenskikh advises you to enter the workout regimen gradually so as not to harm your health.

Following this rules, you can easily get the same beautiful figure as that of Nastya Kamensky. The most important thing, according to the artist, is to do what you really want and never stop before the difficulties that arise.

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