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Princess Diana: revolutionizing the sporting style of the royal family

Not so long ago, photographs of the American model Hayley Bieber appeared on the pages of Vogue Paris magazine. Together with photographer Gregory Harris and the editor-in-chief of the Paris edition, they recreated a sporty look in the spirit of Princess Diana. On her Instagram, Hayley added that she has been inspired by Diana's style for as long as she can remember.

Indeed, Lady Dee became an inspiration not only for the wife of Justin Bieber, but also for many generations of people. Her athletic looks have revolutionized the Royal Family and millions of British residents. Let's remember how the princess dressed with taste and at the same time with modern convenience.

Love for comfortable Diana's sportsmanship probably intersected with her great love of tennis since her teens. The princess spent her free time on the court with pleasure.

For Lady Dee's training chose a combination of cycling shorts, oversized sweatshirt, chunky sneakers and elongated socks, which burst into current fashion with renewed vigor. Few would have thought that the modern trend takes its roots not from the wardrobes of American models, but from the last century, thanks to the excellent taste of a representative of an aristocratic family.

Princess Diana: revolutionizing the sporting style of the royal family

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Moreover, being British, born in To the family of John Spencer, Viscount Eltrop and a branch of the Spencer-Churchill family, Princess Diana did not hesitate to wear clothes with a print in the colors of the American flag.

True, for official events Diana had a more classic sporty look - a knitted cardigan and a pleated miniskirt. It was in these things that she appeared on the tennis court of the Vanderbilt club in London in 1988, where she played with eighteen-year-old Steffi Graf, the number one woman player of that time.

However, the princess was not limited only to her love of tennis, in winter season, she preferred skiing and, according to the recollections of friends, she skated even better than her husband, Prince Charles. On the slope, she could be seen in a striking red ski suit, with a warming braid on her head.

Princess Diana: revolutionizing the sporting style of the royal family

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Diana also instilled freedom in the choice of sportswear in her two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Despite the high attention of the press to their growing up, the mother tried to protect children from the media and empowering them to grow up like normal kids. Contrary to the aristocratic style of the entire Royal family, Lady Diana allowed princes to wear jeans, sweatpants and polo shirts.

The death of Princess Diana in 1997 was a great loss not only for her family, but for the entire British society. Her memory is alive in literature, music, cinema. the bold style still inspires people around the world.

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