Press in 21 days: a bold challenge from Arina Skoromnaya

Is it realistic to achieve the result in 21 days? Especially when it comes to abs cubes. Really, says Arina Skoromnaya - TV presenter of the fitness heading on the Friday channel, fitness trainer, nutritionist-nutritionist, author of books and guest of honor of the International Festival of Sports and Healthy Lifestyle SN PRO EXPO FORUM.

The challenge for pumping the press in 21 days is aimed at drawing the relief, but is designed for people with a low body fat content. It is with them that in three weeks the result will be most noticeable, since the abs cubes will be perfectly drawn.

A person with a high percentage of excess body fat may not notice almost any effect. But if he includes proper nutrition, or at least refuses bad eating habits, removes flour and sweets, then the results will also be noticeable.

I always explain to my wards that even daily training without adherence to nutrition will not show abs. It will stay somewhere there, under a layer of fat.

Press in 21 days: a bold challenge from Arina Skoromnaya

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The essence of the challenge from Arina Skoromnaya

The point is to regardless of the training program and any circumstances, do one abdominal exercise per day. As a rule, these are 4-5 sets of 25-30 reps. For the press, this is a perfectly acceptable and working option. In this case, we are worried about drawing cubes.

Exercises every day should be with a varied load in order to surprise the muscles and learn new interesting exercises in the future.

Press in 21 days: a bold challenge from Arina Skoromnaya


Sample Workout Plan:

  • day 1: joint crunches;
  • day 2: lifting the core in a short amplitude (lifting only the shoulder blades, without the lower back);
  • day 3: scissors;
  • day 4: sitting up the bent legs to the stomach;
  • day 5: bike;
  • day 6: throwing legs up in a birch;
  • day 7: the ball touches the floor while lying on the back (first lying overhead, then lifting the body and touching the ball at the feet).

Then you can repeat this cycle for the remaining two weeks or come up with other alternatives and unusual press loads.

Press in 21 days: a bold challenge from Arina Skoromnaya

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Why the challenge?

Sports challenges are good because you have no excuses, but there is a competitive spirit and passion. You do not work alone, but in a group of like-minded people and you can track by the hashtag how others cope with tasks, thereby getting a constant mochivation. Challenges are a wonderful invention for the sports and healthy lifestyle industry.

Contraindications and exercises that are best not to do

Many people think that abs are the hardest to pump - this is not so! The only question is the fat layer above it. Moreover, it is even possible not to swing it at all, but it will be visible, because it participates in many exercises. I myself hardly ever shake it. Only occasionally I arrange such challenges for myself.

Press in 21 days: a bold challenge from Arina Skoromnaya


Yes exercises that are better not to do on the press. In my opinion, these are all exercises for the oblique abdominal muscles. They already work in many tasks, and if they are too pumped, the waist will be wide and ugly. I have never rocked obliques in my life, and they stand out very well with me. But at the same time, the waist is still in place.

Many people pump other muscles instead of the press. For example, hanging straight leg raises tend to load the hip flexor muscles. But if we pull up bent legs, twisting, then the emphasis will be on the press. Technique is important.

Press in 21 days: a bold challenge from Arina Skoromnaya

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There are also contraindications. You cannot pump the press during pregnancy, after childbirth (it is possible only after consulting a doctor), with diastasis and an umbilical hernia (again, after consulting a specialist), and also if there is a disease of the internal organs that the press protects - also with the permission of the doctor. It is also illogical and uncomfortable to work your abs right after a meal, so you shouldn't.

Otherwise, exercise regularly and share the results!

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