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Prank. Workout from Kazakhstan turned out to be McGregor's double

A well-known YouTube blogger from Kazakhstan, workout athlete Islam Badurgov in July of this year arranged a rally: he took to the streets of Los Angeles, posing as the UFC champion Conor McGregor ... The athlete was made up and tattooed on his body the same as those of the famous Irishman.

Conor McGragor

Islam Badurgov as Conor McGregor

A lot of people on the streets of Los Angeles saw" McGregor "live for the first time, so they did not notice the substitution. “When we arrived at the central street of Hollywood, Artur Tolepov cried out:“ Conor, you are a champion ”. People instantly began to gather around the car. Within 10 seconds, such a huge number of people surrounded the car that it was no longer possible to keep everything under control, ”the protagonist of the sensational video shared on his Instagram.

How the excitement was created around the masked Islam Badurgov, see the video:

The most emotional moment of the prank. Meeting with a McGregor fan on the embankment.

Watch the full video: preparation and implementation

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