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PP for TP: your fat will be humiliated and melted

# PP for TP, or more precisely, Proper Nutrition for the Training Process, is an ambiguous book, but undoubtedly interesting and useful. In our review, we've put together a few theses to help you understand the mood of the bestseller. Let's figure out what “Crazy drying” is and what you need to eat to lose weight.

PP for TP: your fat will be humiliated and melted

Photo: Olga Sitnikova, “Championship ”

What's in the book?

The author destroys 12 myths about slimness, many of which seem undeniable to us, talks about proper nutrition and training. At the end of the book there are answers to common questions and motivation, and even tips on how to properly keep a food diary.

Desire or goal is the basis

Any change in yourself is a job, - approved in the introduction. Vasily Smolny promises to help in working on his body under one important condition: the reader himself must strive for the result.

Who is Vasily Smolny? Blogger who writes about nutrition and destroys myths. Now about 767 thousand people have subscribed to his instagram. Vasily helps his subscribers understand how to find a beautiful body and a healthy body. Over time, he began to work on himself: to get rid of bad habits, monitor his diet and actively play sports. Later, there was a desire to help people like him and write a book.

Stop losing weight

Smolny knows for sure and therefore assures readers of the effectiveness of one rule, on which his entire author's technique is based: to look good, you need to eat! And it is true. Diets restrict the body, depriving it of the necessary elements, and, accordingly, development assistance. Therefore, the author literally crosses out from his, and at the same time your vocabulary, words to lose weight and excess weight.

The correct goal is to get rid of ballast and excess fat, which spoil health and hide a beautiful body.

Why is this book better than any advice on the Internet?

It will help save your precious time. Exercise and nutrition are complex processes that require finding the most effective options. In the modern world, you have to go through incompetent people and just useless means with excellent advertising. Vasily spent several years to overcome the path to a healthy body on his own. His book is the result of long and hard work. Therefore, if you want to achieve a result without wasting time, grab the book # PP for TP and get to work!

There are no unimportant things

Yes, I can - this is important. Diet is important. Exercise is vital - and everyone knows it. Vasily Smolny talks about the tricks and nuances that will make your efforts effective. The book contains the baseto get you started. So why are you sitting? It's time to start!

PP for TP: your fat will be humiliated and melted

Photo: Olga Sitnikova, “Championship”

Issue price: 371₽
Number of pages: 224
Reading time: 3.5 hours

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