15-Minute Home Workout - Muscular Strength & Endurance

Powerful Workout in 15 Minutes: Build Your Combination and Build Your Muscles

In snowboarding, like any other sport, you shouldn't forget about warm-up. We have already shared five basic exercises for good stretching and cooling down from rider Anna Orlova, whom we met at the Quiksilver New Star Camp snowboard festival in Sochi.

Powerful Workout in 15 Minutes: Build Your Combination and Build Your Muscles

5 simple exercises that will relieve fatigue in the body and stretch muscles

A set of exercises for relaxation after a hard day's work or a gurney on a snowy slope .

Now is the turn of the harsh men's warm-up. A professional snowboarder, surfer, pro-rider of the Quiksilver team and world champion Mathieu Krepel shared his training secrets.

Alternate jumps

Helps to strengthen the quads and calves. These jumping movements are very important in snowboarding, they can improve the quality of jumping on the board.


I like running in the mountains. I love the trail because it gives me the opportunity not only to feel at one with nature, but also to do a great cardio workout.

One leg squat

Exercise allows you to actively work the muscles of the legs, at the same time training the control over balance, which is especially important in snowboarding and surfing.

Spin jump

This This is an excellent high intensity exercise that combines sharp explosive movements with another important element - rotations. They allow the brain and body to combine to control the degree of rotation and perform similar tricks on a snowboard.

Reverse push-ups

This important exercise does not work only the triceps, which you will need for surfing, but also the hamstrings.

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