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Popularity at the cost of life: bloggers launch coronavirus challenge

Every day, the number of people infected and died from the new coronavirus is increasing. Most people realized the real threat of this disease, decided to isolate themselves and minimize all contact with the outside world. However, there are those who are ready to risk their health and their lives for the sake of likes and views on social networks.

Popularity at the cost of life: bloggers launch coronavirus challenge

Don't panic. How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Rules that everyone should know.

What is the challenge with toilets?

Bloggers have launched a new coronavirus on the TikTok social network Challenge: The video shows them licking toilet seats in public places. The first video of this kind on TikTok was published by blogger Ava Louise, she licked the rim of the toilet bowl on the plane. However, later the video was removed, and the girl clarified that she had thoroughly disinfected the filming location.

Laughed at the virus and got infected

Challenge decided to support another blogger - 21-year-old Lars (Larz) from California. A young American licked the toilet seat in one of the public toilets and at the end of the video laughed at the coronavirus. Five days later, a post appeared on his Instagram account in which he spoke about a positive test result for a new virus. According to Lars himself, he went to create a viral video in order to increase the popularity and recognition on the network. The blogger's original video is currently unavailable, and his TikTok account and Twitter profile are inactive.

Unfortunately, not only young influencers do not recognize the existence of the new virus and its threat, but also media representatives. For example, Iranian journalist Hamed Jalali Kashani tried to prove that the coronavirus does not exist, licked the shrines and basically refused to wear masks. According to Kashani, the disease is just a fiction, and the local authorities specifically intimidated the population in order to reduce the turnout in the parliamentary elections. At the same time, on February 21, on his Twitter account, he published a record from the hospital: Well, I got to the hospital with the flu. I wish it was coronavirus or something like that, so that I can hyip. The journalist was indeed diagnosed with COVID-19. On the night of February 28, Kashani died of complications caused by the disease.

At the moment, the United States has overtaken China and became the first in the incidence of COVID-19. More than 537 thousand people have been infected with the new coronavirus worldwide, and the death toll has exceeded 24 thousand.

We recommend that you take care of yourself, stay at home and unnecessarilyand not go to public places.

Popularity at the cost of life: bloggers launch coronavirus challenge

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