Polina Gagarina looks like a top model. And once she weighed 88 kg

Hardly anyone will remember the times when the owner of one of the most powerful voices in the Russian pop scene Polina Gagarina weighed almost 90 kg. And this really happened - after the birth of the first child. But more than ten years ago, she decided to drastically change her appearance, and six months later Polina was unrecognizable. How did she do it? At 33, the artist looks stunning.

How did the singer get rid of 40 kg in six months?

For Gagarina, the decision to change her lifestyle and appearance was a real challenge. After all, it was impossible to get rid of dozens of extra pounds by magic or simply of your own free will. Polina's will turned out to be incredibly strong.

The singer lasted quite a long time on the mono-diet, much longer than the nine days recommended by doctors. The essence of the diet is to stick to a three-day diet. On the first day - only boiled rice, on the second - boiled chicken breast, on the third - vegetables that can be eaten raw or steamed.

The artist completely refused all high-calorie foods, and also tried to drink as much as possible more clean water. Plus, daily choreography and fencing classes allowed her to move a lot. Six months later, Gagarina dropped 40 kg. She began to weigh 48 kg and now supports this very weight. 11 years already!

Polina Gagarina looks like a top model. And once she weighed 88 kg

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A healthy mind in a healthy body

How does Gagarina keep herself in this shape? First of all, sports help. In a healthy body healthy mind. On her Instagram, the singer once wrote that she trains at home most of her free time. Polina even posted a set of exercises, which she called her favorite, and gave recommendations for its implementation.

The workout consists of three exercises: squats with side steps, jumping jacks with a turn and swallows. Each of them must be performed from 30 to 45 seconds and done in combination from 3 to 5 approaches. Rest between them should not exceed a minute. Then the effect of the performance will be felt.

However, Gagarina does a variety of exercises, it all depends on her mood. Her other complex consists of running on the track, squats on the hemisphere, planks with pulling the knees to the chest and shadow boxing. And at the end of the lesson - plank and running again.

The singer jokes that she is replacing cardio - training by removing snow from the area near the house, and strength training with weights - carrying Mia's daughter in her arms. The artist does not shy away from swimming, basketball, longcycling, scooter riding and various stretching exercises. Which, I must say, she has excellent.

Polina Gagarina looks like a top model. And once she weighed 88 kg

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If you really want to, then you can also chips

Now Polina is not on a strict diet all the time. The singer just switched to harmonious nutrition. As Gagarina has repeatedly said in her interviews, she tries to eat often, but in small portions, she always monitors the presence of seafood and vegetables in the menu, seeks to limit the use of fried and smoked dishes, as well as sweets as much as possible.

But sometimes an artist allows herself whatever. For example, burgers, fries, or chips. According to Gagarina, this is how the body understands that it is not limited in anything, and does not make fat reserves. And if suddenly weight gain still happens, then you can apply the kefir diet. By the way, Polina gave up the rule not to eat after 18:00, but that doesn't bother her in any way.

Polina Gagarina looks like a top model. And once she weighed 88 kg

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And yet the most important rule of a Russian singer is to want to change and do it.

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