Pole Ladziak aged himself and became a copy of a dancing millionaire. Then he got tired of it

Most people are chasing to look younger than their years, but the hero of our today's story deliberately aged himself and turned into a copy of the dancing millionaire Gianluca Vacca. Meet Pavel Ladziak, or, as he calls himself, the Polish Viking. We will tell you how he came to such a life and why he needed it at all.

Pavel is a fitness trainer from Warsaw, he became interested in sports at the age of 16. I practiced independently at home and in the school gym, built up muscle mass.

Ladziak has really lost his shape and built up his belly in 15 years.

Pole Ladziak aged himself and became a copy of a dancing millionaire. Then he got tired of it

Calisthenics before and after. How to build up without a gym

You no longer need a gym membership and we will tell you why.

How to become a copy of Wakka: build up, grow a beard and dye white

Ladziak began his journey to a pumped-up and beautiful body in 2012 and, looking at the before and after photos, it is impossible to say that this is the same person. The program looks no worse than in his youth, he not only fulfilled, but also exceeded. The guy says that he still remembers how he started, and is glad of what he has become now. He's not going to give up because he doesn't want to return to a past life.

Glory she came to him at 35, but it was not the muscles, but the white hair. Ladziak had no idea that he would become strikingly similar to a dancing millionaire. He just started to turn gray early, and the look of black-gray hair did not suit him. Pavel decided to completely dye his hair white, and he liked it. Now, without knowing his history, it is unrealistic to guess how old the guy is. 45 or maybe all 50, or even closer to 60?

Pole Ladziak aged himself and became a copy of a dancing millionaire. Then he got tired of it

Age is not a hindrance. What allows a dancing millionaire to keep fit at 50?

Pull-up bars, pilates, yacht, models and other secrets of a quality body from Gianluca Vacca.

Ladziak aged 35 years old, now he is already 38. The Pole learned about the resemblance to Gianluca Vacca from fans in social networks.

Ladziak quickly gained followers on Instagram, became famous in Poland and abroad, and began to make his dreams come true. If earlier he worked as a fitness instructor, now he is blogging, motivating people to go in for sports and keep themselves in shape. He also founded his own brand of men's hair and beard cosmetics and launched a line of sportswear.

Transformation into a Viking

Now Ladziak is quite happy with his life - he is healthy, happy, doing what he loves , he has a wonderful family, a son is growing up. By the way, wife Magda was not always a sports beauty either - she began to lose weight after 30, under the guidance of her husband. RThe result is obvious.

Ladziak has recently stopped dyeing his hair ash white and is experimenting with flowers - then gray, then blond, then chestnut. Perhaps he was tired of constant comparisons with Gianluca Vacca and now he decided to move away from the image of a windy rake? With a different hair color, Pavel really began to look not like an old man with a gorgeous body, but like a real Viking. Gray hair or not, anyway a blogger looks much better at 38 than at 25 or 30.

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