The Difference Between Stripping and Pole Dancing

Pole dancing: sport or striptease?

Pole dance has always been associated with eroticism. However, in recent decades, one can observe the division of pole dancing into two trends: go-go and pole dance. These directions should not be confused. We will tell you when pole dance was born and how pole dance became a full-fledged sport.

Pole dancing: sport or striptease?

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Where and when did pole dancing first appear?

The first wooden pylons appeared in India at the end of the 11th century and was used for yoga called Mallakhamb. Initially, only men were trained at the pole. They developed physical strength, endurance and agility. Subsequently, wooden poles were replaced with iron ones, which complicated the technique. Yoga with an iron pole got a new name - Mallastambha.

Pole dancing: sport or striptease?

A big role in the formation of pole dance was played, oddly enough, by circus performers. Traveling around the world, they adopted the traditions of different nations and put new numbers on their basis. Pole dancing was no exception. Spectacular performances of acrobats on wooden or cast-iron pylons delighted the audience. Even Cirque du Soleil founded in 1984, which almost immediately became the most popular circus in the world, still uses pole dance in almost every production of it.

In the 20th century, when the erotic industry began to gain momentum, go-go dances. It is this direction that overshadowed the centuries-old history of pole dance, because now the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning pole dancing is half-naked girls with languid eyes.

Pole dancing: sport or striptease?

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Pole dance as a sports discipline

Although with the advent of go-go dancing, society almost ceased to perceive pole dance as a serious occupation, true fans of pole dancing did not give up, and since 2003 championships and competitions have been held.

Pole dancing: sport or striptease?


According to the official pole dance rules, it is forbidden to nude the body and display erotic elements. This is done so that people understand that pole dance is not so much about sexuality, but about physical fitness and hard work on your body.

The first pole dancing world championship was held in 2012.

There is also the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF). Its president, Katie Coates, has been trying for 11 years to ensure that this discipline is recognized as an independent sport. After the first success, Coates's plans became much larger - now she is boreWe are committed to making pole dancing a part of the Olympic program.

Pole dancing: sport or striptease?

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SportAccord - the World Association of International Sports Federations - has already granted pole dance the status of an official professional sport, although and only for two years. During this time, Katie must solve all the problems with bureaucracy, and then, it is likely, we will see pole dance among the Olympic disciplines.


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