Pokras Lampas: to rethink the future of national football

Pokras Lampas - for some it will sound like a set of words. But lovers of contemporary art will immediately say that this is the pseudonym of a young artist - calligrapher. In a short time, Pokras gathered a whole army of fans around his style and painted many objects. Do you want to know what is the reason for his success?

Theory of creativity

The artist is the official ambassador of calligraffiti. This term refers to the fusion of the arts of street graffiti and classical calligraphy. Pokras is actually the founding father of this movement. Using various fonts (most often Cyrillic), the master paints objects. Basically, the message of his work is the imminent future. He fantasizes about life in the future and its development. Lampas draws inspiration from the avant-garde movement of the twentieth century. He calls Kazimir Malevich his favorite artist.

The beginning of the journey: who is Pokras Lampas?

The real name of Pokras Lampas is Arseny Pyzhenkov. By the way, in the near future he is going to completely change the name in the passport. To make the nickname a part of official life.

Arseniy was fond of graffiti as a teenager and in general drawing. This hobby grew into a hobby for tattooing, and only later in calligraphy. In this area, Pokras considers himself self-taught. The artist became truly widely known after participating in the release of the New Russia program, but real fans of his work have long been following his creative growth.

One of the first and large-scale works of Pokras is the painting of the tunnel connecting the Atrium shopping center and Kursky railway station in Moscow. The object gained popularity almost immediately.

Pokras Lampas today

The artist's work very subtly and accurately conveys the entire style of his life. Lampas calligraphy is universal and has a place everywhere: from painting walls and cars to a banal print on a T-shirt.

Before the FIFA World Cup, Arseniy started working with adidas. He penned a juicy print for the national team jerseys.

Pokras Lampas: to rethink the future of national football

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In general, Lampas has a very strong interest in the world of the sports industry. Most recently, he painted the area of ​​the entrance to the Russian Railways Arena in Moscow. The work occupies 11 thousand square meters.

Pokras said that this is an attempt to rethink the future of national football.

Artist Pokras Lampas presented the painting on RZD-Arena

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