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Play with me. Where do Barbie dolls get this muscle?

Can a girl have the face of a Barbie doll and the body of an epic hero at the same time? Yes! And just try not to smile back at her!

Powerlifting is not always a huge man in sweaty jerseys. Recently, more and more girls are working with iron. Moreover, they are very pretty girls, whose smile is capable of striking out on the spot. Let's remember examples of female powerlifters with angelic faces and powerful muscles.

Always delicious coffee

Julia Vince , also known as Barbie with the body of the Hulk, started bodybuilding at the age of 15. After a year of training, she decided that the program was not suitable for her, and switched to powerlifting. Julia began performing in various competitions, gradually reached the world championships and earned the title of master of sports of international class. The weights with which she has long exceeded 100 kg, her record in the bench press is 130 kg, in the deadlift - 190 kg, and in squats - 235 kg.

Recently it became known that Julia opened her own coffee shop in Saratov, where she periodically acts as a barista. I wonder how many visitors dare to say they are unhappy with the service if something goes wrong? Despite the fact that Julia is now engaged in entrepreneurial activity, she continues to find time for sports.

The first girl in the tire service

As a child, Christmas Abbott played baseball, but the girls were very reluctant to join the teams, so she regularly experienced problems. A baseball player's career was interrupted by an accident in which she was 13 years old: the car in which the Abbott sisters were traveling overturned several times. Christmas suffered a back injury, but got off easily - her sister fell into a coma. After that, the girl began to experience depression, which she managed to cope with thanks to therapy, and her sister's recovery also played a role. For some time, the girl worked as a laborer at a construction site, then went to Iraq, where her mother helped her get a job in a military center. It was there that she started doing CrossFit despite her daily laundry job. Returning to the United States, she opened her own gym, where she continued to study. After several years of training, she lifted 125 kg.

Soon she was noticed in NASCAR (National the production car racing association, which hosts endurance competitions) and offered her a contract with a repair crew. The duties of the mechanics include changing wheels, each of which weighs over 20 kg, while the mechanics have 13-14 seconds for everything.

But for Christmas this is not a problem.

From wrestlers to brokers

At 14 Sarah Beckman became interested in an atypical sport for girls - arm wrestling. First, while still at school, she won a local tournament twice, then became an 11-time Swedish champion, an eight-time European champion and an eight-time world champion.

In 2013, she switched to wrestling, signed with World Wrestling Entertainment and began participating in the Swedish version of American Gladiators. But her performances did not last long, at the end of April 2014 she terminated the contract. In the summer of the same year, she married an American wrestler and moved to live in the United States, where she began working as a real estate agent.

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