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Play and read: the most popular sports books in Russia

They watch sports, they cheer for sports, they read about it. This is evidenced by the sold circulation and a huge number of reviews. We decided to find out about the most popular book novelties of this year. As part of our special project, Bombora has shared its top 10 books in the Sports Icons series by sales for 2020.

Conor McGregor. Life without rules

How did a cheeky guy without skills, money and discipline become one of the best fighters in the world? The revelations of John Kavanagh, who brought Conor McGregor to the top of the UFC.

McGregor himself says: What would have happened to my life if John Kavanagh hadn't appeared in it? Now, of course, it is impossible to answer this question. And I'm so grateful to John that I don't have to think about it.

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More than 22,000 copies have been sold. This is 6 times more in comparison with the average circulation of a book in Russia (compare the circulation of a book - 3700). The Russian edition was ordered to Canada and Spain.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Obsessed with perfection + poster

While writing the book, the author interviewed Ronaldo's family and friends, coaches, doctors and sports journalists, collecting the memories of people who accompanied Cristiano at different stages of his life and career.

This is a story of success, struggle and deserved victories. Each chapter reveals Cristiano Ronaldo from a new angle. It is worth reading it at least in order to understand the person who always achieves what he wants in sports and everyday life.

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More than 25 thousand items have been sold. copies. The book in Russian was ordered to Spain, Canada, America and Australia.

Jackie Chan. I'm happy

As an experienced filmmaker, Jackie Chan does not just tell about his life, but creates several temporary spaces, transporting the reader to different periods of his life.

With the help of the book, the reader will be able to touch the story of a person with an incredible biography. Together with him you will walk the path from a stunt director of low-budget commercials to a director and actor of box office films, from a poor waiter to a philanthropist and collector of antiques.


Jackie Chan sold. I'm happy in 24 thousand copies 6.5 times more in comparison with the average circulation in Russia. The book was ordered to various parts of Russia, for example, to Yakutia.

Bastian Schweinsteiger. The heart of the team

The will to win is in every move.

Bastian's story: from childhood to fateful moments - such as on Maracana in 2014, when he foughtuntil the very end. This is a book about a strong personality that will tell about everything that contributed to its formation.

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Unai Emery. Maestro

Biography of an outstanding coach.

You will learn how the Basque specialist achieved success in Spain and France, spent a year in Spartacus and set off to conquer London.


Streltsov. The will to live

The dramatic fate of Eduard Streltsov - the legend of Soviet sports. At 18, he became the USSR's top scorer, but faced the political system on the field.

He was a real phenomenon. The 1958 World Cup could have become Streltsov's benefit in the international arena, if not for the tragic events that happened later.


Messi. The genius of football

(2nd ed., Rev., Abbr.)

What qualities do you need to possess to become the golden boy of football? The Messi phenomenon - in the stories of coaches, colleagues, friends and family.

Renowned sports journalist Guillem Balagu gives a complete and subtle analysis of the legendary footballer's story.


Michael Jordan. His Air

The story of Jordan's phenomenal success, who, at school, university, and in Chicago, the Bulls went to the site just to win.

The author - American journalist and writer Roland Lazenby - says that this was not at all the champion who his fans remembered it.

The book in Russian was ordered to Sweden, Spain, Australia and France.


Lev Yashin. I am a legend

Yashin is the only goalkeeper in history to receive the Ballon d'Or.

The athlete himself said: In football, only those who have courage and strength of character can exist. Those who work tirelessly on their skills, who adopt someone else's experience and are not afraid to borrow the knowledge and skills accumulated by the older generation of football players. Those who do not give up after the first setbacks and find the strength to eliminate mistakes. Those who do not turn up their noses in front of their teammates and team, behave modestly and friendly towards others, but at the same time do not hide a critical attitude towards themselves and teammates.


Absolutely honest. Autobiography of Frank Lampard

The nephew of legendary coach Harry Redknapp, who immortalized his name in the history of football, honestly talks about what he had to go through along the way.

ФRank started at the prestigious West Ham Academy. His uncle is legendary coach Harry Redknapp, his father is a former professional football player. Parents never lived in poverty. It would seem that Lampard was very lucky. But luck alone is not enough if you want to be the best.

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