A Moment of Joy - Fundraising Squash Tournament

Play and Help: Charity Squash Tournament

March 10 Moscow will host a charity squash tournament Play and Help , which will raise funds for rehabilitation for children who have survived cancer.

To to forget about the experienced struggle with a fatal disease and move on without fear and fear, the guys need highly qualified psychological support. Such assistance is provided to them in the Sheredar center. The tournament, which was organized by the Sheredar Charitable Foundation and the National Squash Center, aims to raise funds for a rehabilitation program for 80 children from different regions of Russia, which starts on March 21. Each registered participant - a professional squash player, amateur or beginner - will be able to present a lucky ticket to a new life for a child in a difficult life situation.

Charity Squash Tournament Play and Help - a sports event for the whole family, during which amateur matches will be held, master classes for those who first entered the court (they will also be able to take part in the beginners tournament and win your first prize).

You can register here. For spectators and fans, admission is free.

2018 Gamble 100 Charity Doubles Squash Tournament

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