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Plank emphasis. We swing the press for the summer

The plank is a unique example of static training that allows you to develop several muscle groups at once: back muscles, rectus and transverse abdominal muscles, shoulder girdle, biceps, buttocks, calves, back and front of the thighs.

is this training useful? It will help strengthen, dry and beautifully embellish the body! Therefore, it is definitely suitable for anyone who wants to achieve a perfectly fit figure for the summer.

Classic Plank

To increase sports interest and your motivation, do this exercise with a stopwatch. Every second that adds to your performance day by day will motivate you more and more.

Girl on the ball

One of the easiest ways to make your daily workout heavy and diversify ... To do this, it is enough to place one of the points of support on an unstable surface - it can be a fitness ball or a balance hemisphere, or a simple sports ball.


Alternately unbend the right leg and left arm and vice versa. When extended, the arm and leg should form a diagonal.

Weighty plank

This exercise is best done under the close supervision of a trainer so as not to tear the back muscles.

Meditating on the plank

Perhaps the most pleasant and obligatory variation. You just need to find a beautiful and unusual location, for example, mountains or a sandy beach. Rumor has it that plank meditation allows you to abstract and not get stuck in time, which will definitely affect the result.

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