Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

For the current season of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship, five familiar stops remain on the calendar: Abu Dhabi, Chiba, Budapest, Lusiting and Indianapolis. In addition, the championship returned to San Diego and Porto. Kazan made its debut as one of the new routes in the Air Race World Championship calendar. It was here, in Kazan, that we managed to meet with the participating pilots to find out what the secret of their excellent physical shape is. After all, no one has any doubts: to be a pilot, you need to have one hundred percent health, which means that in the arsenal of each participant of Red Bull Air Race there must definitely be a little secret, and maybe even a local approach to training process. Read about this and much more in our material.

The next stage of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship will take place in Porto on September 2-3. The Porto races took place for three consecutive years - from 2007 to 2009 - and became a real event, attracting fans to the banks of the Douro River.

Christian Bolton

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

Date of birth : October 10, 1973
Country : Chile
Class : Masters

Prior to the Red Bull Air Race, Bolton served in the Chilean Air Force with the rank of lieutenant colonel, flew fighters with several squadrons. In total, the Chilean has flown 4,600 hours on racing, aerobatic and military aircraft.

Instagram : @ Сristianboltonracing

5 rules from the Chilean pilot

1. Usually we start preparing for a stage a month in advance, since every track is completely different, and every track and every new country is absolutely different from the previous one. Together with the team, we analyze everything, including temperature, pressure, humidity, because weather conditions and climate are also very important to consider when preparing.

2. Then we work out all the possibilities on the simulator: what will happen if the wind blows from the north, or how to behave if the water is too close. Visualization of the future flight and understanding of what the route will be like is very important. For the most part, this refers to psychological preparation: the team's job is so that when you arrive on the track you are not surprised at anything. It's difficult, but very interesting.

3. Even for an absolutely healthy person, acclimatization can be a big problem. Therefore, we always arrive a few days before the start of the competition. During this period, it is very important to get enough sleep, relax, reduce the intensity of training, not overload your stomach with heavy foods and drink enough water. I think that this recipe is suitable not only for athletes, but also for any person.

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

4. Good sleep is an important part of the body's larger recovery process. I probably should have talked more about trainingand classes in the hall, but healthy sleep is something that many do not pay due attention to, and this is wrong.

5. To be honest, I don't have any kind of strict diet. But I stick to certain rules: you need to drink plenty of clean, still water, avoid skipping meals, and include as many seasonal fruits as possible in your diet.

Michael Gulian

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

Date of birth : September 4, 1968
Country : USA
Class : Masters

Gulian is one of the pilots who have won the Red Bull Air Race. The most memorable victory was at the stage in Budapest in 2009. At the stage in Kazan this year, Michael Goulian showed an excellent result and climbed to the third step of the podium.

Instagram : @mike_goulian

5 rules from the American pilot

1. All teams, including ours, devote a lot of time to work out all sorts of models of pilot behavior on a computer simulator. We must be ready for anything, for departure at any time and in any weather conditions. This stage is more related to psychological preparation.

2. Before coming here, to the stage in Kazan, I passed this route on my computer and in my head more than 200 times. Thanks to this, my first training day did not bring me any unpleasant surprises.

3. Perhaps this idea will seem too simple to you, but the more you invest in your preparatory stage and in your preparation - psychological, physical and technical - the better you can show on the track.

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

4. My gym workouts have two parts - strength and cardio cycling. The alternation of the two types of workouts allows me to optimally prepare and keep myself in shape throughout the year. When I am at home, I exercise five days a week.

5. My nutritionist helps me with nutrition. Everything here is individual and depends on what type of training awaits me today. On one day, you need to include food rich in protein, on the other - on the contrary, exclude it or make a fasting day. If you are not a professional athlete and just want to keep track of your diet, then I think you can create such a program yourself using the Internet.

Matt Hall

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

Date of birth : September 16, 1971
Country : Australia
Class : Masters

Hall has, as the only representative in Australia at the championship, the gold in the national difficult piloting and silver in the aerobatics category.

Instagram : @matthallracing

5 rules from the Australian pilot

1. The most important thing is the path that you take in preparation for the competition in the so-called off-season or in between stages. It is important to get strong before getting into the cockpit. You must always be ready to do something meaningful, so you must always be in good shape.

2. I try to make my workouts as diverse as possible: strength in the gym, running, cycling, any other types of cardio workouts, stretching.

3. In the gym, I often focus on different muscle groups. Sometimes I devote more time to the muscles of my back and lower back, as in my profession a pilot has to spend a lot of time in a sitting position, then, for example, I focus on my legs or shoulders. I like this approach, it is quite effective.

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

4. A couple of weeks before the first stage, it is very important to give yourself a little rest, to reduce the intensity of training. This is very important, because the pilot will have big overloads ahead, a new route, possibly also acclimatization, the body must be ready for anything.

5. My usual morning begins with the fact that I wake up, ride a few kilometers at a relaxed pace on a bicycle or stationary bike, drink a few glasses of water, spend some time stretching - after that I am ready to sit at the helm of an airplane or turn on the simulator in order to get acquainted with a new the Red Bull Air Race.

Nicolas Ivanoff

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

Date of birth : 4th July 1967
Country : France
Class : Masters

The Corsican with Russian and Greek roots is one of the most mysterious pilots of the championship. Ivanoff became a master of aerobatics back in 1990 while working as a flight instructor.

Instagram : @nicokasivanoff

5 rules from a French pilot

1. The most important thing for me both in life and at the stage of preparation for these competitions is having a team. When you go to some kind of result, it is important that you have a strong team next to you that can foresee all the risks and find solutions to various problems.

2. Like many other athletes, I devote a lot of time to mental preparation. I study the track, visualize it, try to remember everything to the smallest detail, work through all possible developments in my head.

3. Regular training is an important ingredient in training success. A couple of weeks before departure on the track, we usually give ourselves a rest, while each pilot monitors his form throughout the year, because each training session for a month, half a year and even a year is the basis of your result.

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

4. I don't have any specific diet. My approachto nutrition is not to eat much. You can eat absolutely everything, the main thing is to know everything in moderation.

5. Active amateur sports are what keeps me in shape throughout the year. My main favorites are biking and skiing. This year I only managed to spend one month in the mountains skiing. Although usually during the season I don't have a single day without skiing in the mountains.

Luc Chepela

Pilot Health: 5 Secrets From Air Race Pilots

Photo: Andrey Mironov, Championship

Date of birth : June 8, 1983
Country : Poland
Class : Challenger

One of the youngest entrants this year. In ordinary life, Luke is an Airbus A320 pilot, so if your plane starts to perform aerobatics, think about it, maybe a future Red Bull Air Race champion is driving.

Instagram : @LukazCzepiela

5 rules from the Polish pilot

1. Perhaps someone thinks that physical fitness is not so important for the pilot, because when the viewer sees on the screen, we sit in the cockpit and do not move much. But this is not entirely true, because in each flight the pilot experiences colossal overloads, which means that in order to endure them, you need to constantly keep yourself in great shape.

2. In everyday life, I like to ride my bike over rough terrain or climb mountains. This is a great workout for coordination and balance.

3. My ideal form of fitness is CrossFit. Why? Because it is a highly intense workout that can be done even with very little time. I usually train 3 to 5 days a week, depending on where I am in preparation for a competition.

4. The most difficult stage in terms of acclimatization for me was Japan. In order to get myself in shape and fight jet-lag on my very first day in Japan, I went for a run, and the next day I set aside for rest and recovery. Cardio and healthy sleep always help me quickly acclimate to a new country.

5. In any sport, constant practice is important. If you are preparing for a race and want to show results, then you must run a little every day. In everyday life, I am the captain of the Airbus 3220, which operates flights with Wizzair. I love that my full-time job and my participation in the Red Bull Air Race overlap so closely. Thus, I can assume that every hour of flight during my working hours is also a kind of preparation for participation in the World Championship.

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