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Picnic weekend: 8 festival sports grounds

On July 29, the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve will host the traditional annual holiday - Afisha Picnic. This year, a range of sports grounds will be open for guests of the event throughout the day.

Baseball court, like in a movie about MLB stars

Feel like a New York Yankees player or a hero of a movie about MLB stars. The championship will erect a baseball court at the Picnic for those who dreamed of hitting the ball in the same way as in American cinema. A special cannon will serve the balls. The player's task is to hit as many balls as possible in one series of shots. The basics will be taught by professional players. Grand slam, double, bow, jack - we will quickly master strikes and movements, put on protective ammunition. Then it's up to you.

Mobile fitness station with group training

World Class will present a new training format in Kolomenskoye - Gym Station by World Class. It is a compact mobile fitness station in the belly of a beautiful sea container and outside. There is a functional training area with a variety of equipment - from a horizontal bar to beams and a rope, and 20 people can train simultaneously, without interfering with each other. Therefore, everyone who is not indifferent to sports, get ready for group training in the open air.

From Muscovite to captains of the ship: telling how

Wind power is a young community whose members are involved in sailing and travel a lot on yachts around the world. Today it is no longer just an association of friends, but also a serious licensed school that conducts its regattas and expeditions, issues international licenses to captains and trains riders in Moscow. At the Picnic, the guys will sit on a small area behind the main stage, where they will try to dispel popular yachting stereotypes and explain that yachting, and sailing in particular, can become a part of the lifestyle of any city dweller.

Mövenpick is in seventh heaven

The famous Swiss ice cream brand will open its site at the Picnic. Here you can take a real flight in a wind tunnel, get memorable photos, and take funny selfies with friends! And, of course, it will not do without ice cream - site visitors will have the opportunity to try a new product from Mövenpick - popsicle Walnut, Maple syrup.

Picnic weekend: 8 festival sports grounds

Photo: Afisha Picnic

Race tracks for virtual and real races

Duracell will gather at the festival a large play area of ​​two racing tracks. One - RC racing - for racing on radio-controlled cars, the other - VR racing - for high-speed races in Oculus rift car simulators. On a large board, the results of the races of each participant are tracked, the number of which is not limited throughout the entire festival. Every half hour on the Duracell podium, the best riders receive prizes, after which the results are reset, and you can test yourself again by improving your own power record.

The longest kicker and battle in step, beatbox and breakdance

Tic Tac will have its own playground with refreshing entertainment at the Posters Picnic. There will be a battle of street cultures - step, beatbox and breakdancing. For fans of team games, the longest kicker will be installed - 2.5 meters in length - eight participants can play it at once, as well as the zone for PS move and Kinect games. Train in advance - the winners will receive gifts.

Picnic weekend: 8 festival sports grounds

Photo: Poster Picnic

Badminton Championship Above shuttlecock - 2017

STS will open a playground at the Afisha Picnic, where the badminton championship will be held Above shuttlecock - 2017. Any visitor of the Picnic will be able to defeat his friend on a bet or fight in the company of friends. A juicy DJ set and cheerleading dances will cheer up and tone up. The most active participants with rackets will receive prizes from the TV channel.

Myoarmwrestling and cyborg games

The future is already here: at the site of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, you can measure your electromyography with your friends. You don't need any cubes or biceps. In myoarmwrestling, electrons will be put on the participants to read the signals that your contracting muscles send. To win, you need to strain the muscle more and harder than your opponent. You can also immediately become a cyborg and try on a model of a bionic hand prosthesis from a 3D printer.

Picnic weekend: 8 festival sports grounds

Photo: Picnic Posters

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