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Peter Bolton: one club, one love

He visited 40 countries, visited five continents. This is not a story of a traveler, but of a simple taxi driver from England who loves football very much. Since 1974 Peter Bolton has not missed a single game of the English football club Manchester United, for which he did not even go to his brother's wedding.

Peter Bolton: one club, one love

Photo: From personal archive of Peter Bolton

Manchester United is one of the most popular clubs with many fans around the world. However, English fan Peter Bolton undoubtedly stands out among them. Since 1974, Peter has not missed a single game of the club, be it home or away games. Football has been an integral part of his life since birth. And Peter's family has to put up with it. As Bolton himself said in various interviews, his wife Francis knew from the very beginning that he was a fan.

When I met my wife at the disco in 1976, she asked me if I would be here next week? No, we play with spurs on the road, - I replied. We got married in 1979, I chose one of the beautiful June days, because then there were no games!

They have been married for almost 40 years, but Francis was with him only one match of the red devils.

United lost that match. After that, she no longer came to the matches. She just looks at the result so she knows what mood I'm in when I get home!

Peter even missed his brother Alan's wedding because his club was playing that day.

He was not upset, now we even laugh about it. In any case, this marriage did not last long and he remarried. This time the wedding was in June, when there were no games, so this time I went to it

He himself understands that many consider him strange and even crazy. I don't go to games just to say I did it. I want to go to games because I like it. I love Manchester United

However, Peter still had to miss one match of his team, but not on his own - from - for problems with a visa. It happened during United's away match in the Champions League with Rostov.

I was devastated and felt strange, because I didn't even remember the last time I watched the match on TV.

After that, he monitors the early receipt of a visa. And informs other fans:

Peter has loved football and Manchester United since childhood - from his father and grandfather. They had season tickets for the Manchester Games and in the early 60s they took 6-year-old Peter to the Red Devils game.

In 1963 there was the FA Cup final, in which Manchester played against Leicester. But only my dad and grandfather could go to it, because we had only two tickets, and I had toon the street with mom and brother.

Since then, he has not missed a single FA Cup final.

For every match, wherever he did not pass, Bolton brings with him a flag with the inscription: One Love, MUFC. As Bolton said, his wife is not very fond of this flag, which is not surprising.
However, the inscription three loves on it would look strange - commented Peter. The three loves in Peter's life are his wife Frances and their daughter Anne-Marie. And the latter is already obvious.

Football helped Peter in the most difficult moments of his life. His wife suffered a stroke two years ago.

I was really helpless then. I spent 12 hours with her, after which the doctors said that right now I could not help her and it would be better for me to go home and rest ..

However, Peter went where he had been going for more than 50 years - to Manchester United game.

Peter Bolton: one club, one love

Photo: From personal archive of Peter Bolton

I know it sounds a little strange that I went to a match while my wife was fighting for her life. But I found some consolation in United's game. It helped me deal with the pressure that night, as it did for years. Watching Manchester United matches is a way of life for me ..

That night United's youth team beat Liverpool. After the game, he was left all alone, fearing for his wife's future and wondering what if his wife lost her fight? Fortunately, she won, but as a result of a stroke, the right side of her body was paralyzed and she had problems with speech. There was a long road ahead to recovery, but Peter was with his wife.

I have been working as a taxi driver for 30 years. I quit my job, sold my taxi and became my wife's guardian after this incident.

However, even after the experience, he continues to attend the matches of his favorite team. Of course, Peter was thinking that one day he wouldn't have the money to go to the match. Until then, however, I will not stop. I just love it too much!

Peter Bolton: one club, one love

Photo: From personal archive of Peter Bolton

Over the years, Peter has attended many games of his favorite team, but the most memorable match of his life took place on March 21, 1984 during the Cup Winners' Cup between Manchester and Barcelona:

For many years, only one thing has remained constant in Peter's life - loyalty to the club. Whether it's the youth team games or the Champions League final, a man with a mustache, a Manchester United jersey and a One Love flag, MUFC is sure to be there!

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