11. The Dangers of Veganism

Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

We are faced with changes in the daily diet more than once. In some cases, this even happens on its own initiative. Moreover, experiments with nutrition can and should be carried out in order to learn to better understand your body. The fitness trainer and nutritionist Vladimir Lepesa is of the same opinion. He managed to try himself as a vegan, vegetarian and even a raw foodist. The Expert of the Championship told what such experiments led to.

How did the idea of ​​becoming a vegetarian come about?

My path as a vegetarian began five years ago. The crisis period of my life caused a rethinking and a desire to try something new. I have been familiar with this type of nutrition for a long time, since a friend has been practicing it for several years. At that time, I did not yet have deep knowledge in the field of nutritional science, so his good physical shape and good health seemed to me some kind of phenomenon.

I saw the indisputable advantages of this type of nutrition on a living example, so I decided to study the issue deeper.
Looked everything that was on YouTube on this topic, read the book Chinese Study. I will say right away that most of the materials were not accompanied by statistics and the results of clinical trials, but then I did not pay attention to it.

Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

Initial fear and feeling of self features

Most of all frightened by the possible loss of weight and strength after switching to vegetarianism. It was extremely important for me as an athlete. But I decided to take a chance.

In one day, I removed meat, fish and seafood from my diet. And since then I have not eaten them again. Naturally, then I did not know anything about proteins, essential amino acids and the balance of BJU. I just intuitively picked the products. Social rejection only fueled my interest, I felt special.

By the way, I have not lost weight and strength qualities have not fallen. At the same time, endurance has obviously increased and general well-being has improved. It inspired me a lot, and I decided to go further.

Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

What happens to the body if you completely stop eating meat?

The pros and cons of vegetarianism that will change you both externally and internally.

Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

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From Bigger to Less: Going Vegan and Raw Food

After Years of vegetarianism, I decided to go to strict veganism - removed all animal products. At that moment, the idea of ​​being involved in ethical vegans was born in me, although I continued to wear things made of leather and fur, but I stopped updating my wardrobe with them.

And then the problems began. Maintaining a balanced vegan diet is an art based on nutritional knowledge that I did not have. But I decided that this is not a reason to give up and I need to movego ahead. After a couple of months of veganism, I decided to try a raw food diet. I started it with a week of fasting on a decoction of herbs. The fast went well and with renewed vigor I pounced on vegetables, fruits and raw nuts.

Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?
Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

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Cons of raw food and the beginning of awareness

I had enough for exactly one month. The constant feeling of hunger was accompanied by a decline in strength and a drop in all sports indicators. I knew I was doing something wrong, but I couldn't figure out what it was.
Several frustrations with cooked food made me go back to veganism and study this issue more deeply. It was from this moment that my path as a nutritionist began. Endless studies, books, articles, seminars - I was shocked by how many nuances there are in the issue of building a correct diet.

After spending a year experimenting with my diet, I decided it was time to approach to nutrition in a truly mindful way. Veganism, a raw food diet, constant fasting - all this became stress for my body. The state of health worsened, there was not enough strength, digestion was disturbed. I realized that it was time for me to study the topic of eating emotionally and rationally.

Studying as a nutritionist opened my eyes to a lot. My diet was terribly balanced, and I was constantly short on protein and fat. Sometimes I overeat randomly, sometimes critically malnourished. Efforts to balance my diet led me to realize that being a vegan in Moscow is very difficult. Possibly, but difficult.

Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

Why did I return to vegetarianism?

I was faced with a choice: veganism with maximum everyday discomfort or vegetarianism in comfort. I chose the latter.

Reducing the level of stress by making everyday tasks easier (simplified the process of buying food, cooking), a balanced diet, a deeper understanding of all internal processes - all this returned my former energy and a feeling of a healthy body.

Now in my diet there are dairy products and eggs. At the moment, I continue to study myself and new research. It is very important to understand that vegetarianism is not a panacea. A balanced diet containing animal products is incomparably better than an unbalanced diet without them.

Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

Flexitarianism: Cheating vegetarianism with a meat menu

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Personal experience: why couldn't I be vegan?

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