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Personal experience: I run because I can

A year has passed since the first time I went to the stadium near the house. A year of great changes, physical and spiritual transformations. A year during which I slept 10 times in the morning workouts, once did not manage to get a start number at the race, 50 times I got rid of pain in my knee / periosteum / clogged calves on the eve of Saturday runs, barely reached the finish line of the race Become a human and ... fell in love with running. A year is almost 365 ideal days for jogging: outdoors, in the park, in the gym, in a new country on vacation, and also a solid chunk of time to put all the thoughts in your head together and try to inspire you.

Running is not easy

It's not easy, because you start going to the gym and don't quit, switch to proper nutrition, make examinations by doctors regular, and not come at a time when you no longer have the strength to endure, sign up for the first competitions, buy a smoothie blender, and really (!) cook smoothies in it - all this is not initially as simple as it sounds. This is a complete restructuring of yourself, this is an internal rebranding, if you will, of all spheres of life, overcoming psychological and physical barriers.

Running is not easy, because when you start your first run, you find yourself in a combined field of two difficulties at once: banal ignorance and desire to comply. On the first morning and evening jog you run, most likely your phone is squeezed in your hand, the headphones dangle ridiculously, and you can have anything on your feet, from fitness sneakers to fashionable last season converse with rhinestones. And you constantly look around and think: am I doing everything right ?, why do these people run faster ?, why even that adult woman with curvaceous forms, much larger than my own, runs and breathes through her nose, while I already Do I greedily swallow air with my mouth? ... And hundreds more unimaginable how and why.

But you're running! This means that you are already cool, and you have already overcome 60% on the way to a new yourself or, as it is fashionable to say now, to a better version of yourself.


I I started running exactly a year ago and since then I have learned many things that, in one way or another, have greatly changed my attitude to this process in general, and to the running culture itself in particular. Being not in the epicenter of the get-together, but somewhere outside, we look in vain for information on how to properly run on the vastness of social networks. To be honest, all this is similar to making a diagnosis via the Internet: if you do not know where and what to look for, you may find the wrong thing at all. To diagnose a chronic illness, cancer or complete intolerance to running. In general, a nightmare.

Once plunged into the whole atmosphere of the race, standing in the first place in the running cluster, choosing the wrong sneakers and not having time to pick up your number at the Expothe day before the start, you start looking at the situation from a completely different angle. Here is my top of some running things that you might not have intended to recognize, but what can you do:

Fact 1. It all starts not with equipment, but with you!

Running shoes are awesome, but that doesn't mean at all that in order for you to run your first 5 km or a couple of laps around your house, you need to wait for a salary / scholarship / opportunity to go to the store for surely super professional shoes. I started running in sneakers, nothing terrible happened to me, because at first you, in principle, will run for a short time and a little. But when my first running shoes were on my feet, there was no limit to happiness. I don't even know what to compare it with? Imagine skiing all day in hard ski boots or pulling your skates tight before going to the ice rink ... And then at one point you take off those uncomfortable shoes and change into sneakers that are designed to run, enjoy and distribute the load correctly on your foot.

Personal experience: I run because I can

Wet test: how to choose the right running shoes?

Analyzing your foot in at home.

Fact 2. Who needs these races? Don't get a medal.

Amateur races are what you need if you want to get into the atmosphere of running. I remember how I ran my first Night Run: all of Moscow was, as in the palm of your hand, blocked traffic, Luzhnetskaya embankment, people in a cafe who slowly drink wine and watch how an insane crowd of people in love with running crosses the street, drummers, fans, the finish and thoughts at the finish line are about nothing and about something important at the same time. My first race was 10 km in Moscow at night. It was hard, without preparation, without understanding that in order to fly like a butterfly the next day, and not lie with a sharp pain in clogged calves, you need a stretch. A sharp and extreme immersion in running.

And I'll also tell you about the medal. Sometimes they give a medal at the finish line, yes, I, like you, are an adult, but it's nice, it's something that you can't buy, you can't receive as a gift, but you can feel it and deserve it. The medal is a small hard drive with memories, everything is in it: the first kilometers, a few drops of rain that saved us in the center of the race and friends who are waiting at the finish line. This is the quintessence of moment and emotion in a small piece of metal.

Fact 3. All runners are introverts.

I've always thought it was a fact that running 20 minutes or marathon 4.5 hours alone with his thoughts can only be crazy. And then I realized that, firstly, this is not so, and secondly, everything is situational and it's only your choice.

I'll start with the first conclusion: runners are a get-together, they are a company of people who on the first weekend of January they will run through all Sadovoe or they will support tI scream the idea of ​​running on weekends together, and then drinking coffee and chatting about life, travel or new sneakers (yes, I'm talking about Sasha Boyarskaya's cheerfulness).

Personal experience: I run because I can

Sasha Boyarskaya: I treat running as a favorite healthy habit

From the first person about my romance with jogging, bananas and the psychological aspect of running.

And the runners are constantly sharing, they post pictures on social media. networks, give advice, call for jogging and without any problems will reach out to you at a distance, if necessary. When I ran my first trail race, I felt bad when climbing the mountain, and two guys who were nearby shared with me useful advice that the main thing is not to cool down and not stop and somehow keep moving, they treated me to water, and the girl who was running in front told me to hold on to her red T-shirt and take it as a guide. Then she became my pacer, which led me to the finish line. Then I realized that the running community is a community in which you can always count on support.

Now a little about situationality and choice. I like to run in the evening, alone, with or without headphones. This is my version of mobile meditation, my opportunity to be alone with my thoughts. I think that when the time comes for my first marathon, it will be the stage of a four-hour reboot of thoughts. I'm not afraid to go through it alone, and running taught me this too.

Time for the strong

Start running. After all, this is the easiest, this is the most elementary thing that you can do for yourself and for your health. Yes, running is difficult, running cannot remind you of yourself with a daily purchased subscription to a gym for which there is no time. But this 10, 15 or 20 minutes a day, which, becoming regular, will greatly change your attitude towards yourself and your productivity. I often hear that running is harmful, that you risk your legs like a magnet attracting flat feet, harm your knees and destroy bones. Yes, there is definitely some research that suggests obese people are better off walking over running. But if you look globally, then you should not shift it to yourself if you are at normal weight and if you do not have problems with joints and old injuries.

We constantly find tons of reasons to start tomorrow, next month or next year. And as a result, there is much more chance that boring work, monotony, a sedentary lifestyle, and not running, will ruin our health. Start with yourself, get stronger and more resilient, shed those extra pounds or strengthen your muscle corset. And then, who knows, maybe we will meet at the start and run your first 10 km together?

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