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Personal experience: how stretching helped me get in shape

Have you been dreaming about good stretching for a long time, but do you think these workouts are ineffective for losing weight? I have good news for you. Stretching is a great option not only to show off your splits, but also to keep yourself in shape. Checked on myself.

They say that the youth of the body can be measured by its flexibility. If, bending down, you can easily reach the floor without bending your knees, great. If not, do not be too lazy to take care of your muscles to gain lightness and feel much more invigorated.

Unfortunately, stretching in the morning will not be enough to gain elasticity. And all my attempts to abuse my body at home were unsuccessful. The muscles ached, but did not stretch. All this led me to the conclusion that for correct and high-quality stretching, the help of a professional trainer is needed.

The ideal solution for me was classes in small groups, since now finding a suitable studio is not a problem. It's amazing how, over time, stretching from a purely service discipline and an addition to group fitness classes has turned into a full-time hour workout. Moreover, today there is a real boom at stretching studios: in Russia they are opening almost in villages, so there was plenty of choice. I settled on SM Stretching - the brainchild of Russian and world rhythmic gymnastics champion Samira Mustafaeva.

Imperceptible weight loss

Naturally, my main goal was the perfect twine, as in the photos of phyto-babies from Instagram. But after the first lesson, it became clear that with such intense warm-ups before training, a minus of at least a couple of kilograms is provided. Imagine my surprise when I heard shocking numbers in the locker room - in a month of training, the girls lost both 5 and 10 kilograms. How is this possible?

As it turned out, regular stretching classes help to activate the metabolism. This is extremely important, because the better the metabolism, the faster the process of losing weight.

For an untrained person, high-intensity workouts can not only be beyond their power, but also harm. From high tension, the muscles will begin to ache, and the head will spin, not allowing you to fully give all your best in the classroom. But it is physical activity that is the main key to a slim figure. Stretching has a huge advantage in this. An intense load is used only in the first 10-15 minutes of training to warm up, which means that even if you are not used to over-exerting yourself, it will not work. In addition, the relaxation stage necessarily follows, and all further exercises are performed at the lowest possible pace.

Trainer's advice: start exercising your body with stretching, and over time you can add it and other workouts. This will help prevent injury, strain and muscle clogging. In SM Stretching, you can additionally select two more directions - Barre and TRX.

Why stretching is also useful ?

On weekdays, we often freeze for a long time in the same poses - we sit in front of the computer, twist our posture and do not think about the consequences. In the evenings, as a rule, we return home with pains in the head, neck and back.

Stretching will help to avoid discomfort. After just a couple of workouts, your muscles will relax, and then become stronger, the feeling of tightness will occur much less often.

Stretching leads to an optimal blood supply to all organs in the body, and this helps us to get rid of accumulated stress. During classes, I notice that there are no thoughts at all. The diary in my head, frantically planning meetings, calls and trips, turns off and turns into a gramophone playing a pleasant melody. At this hour, I do not remember about the phone at all and I have the opportunity to completely legally not check my mail and inbox.

After several workouts, the result is noticeable - muscle tightening in the areas where cellulite is most often formed (on the stomach and in the inner thighs), which means that it is no longer scary to me. In addition, the body has become noticeably more prominent. The progress in the split is obvious, and I can safely say: Paul, I'm close.

How long does it take to get the result?

Exactly as much as you can. My choice is one or two high intensity workouts and one or two stretches per week.

The main thing in this business is to monitor your physical condition. And, although SM coaches are always interested in your well-being, do not forget to warn about injuries and sharp pains.

Remember that flexibility is feminine and beautiful. And after even the most difficult workout, you will feel lightness and flight. This makes it twice as pleasant to sit on the twine.

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