Personal experience. How I went to several fitness clubs with one membership

The number of fitness areas is growing every day, and after the expiration of the subscription period, it can be difficult to decide on the choice of a new one. In the routine of working days, you want either intense cardio, or measured yoga or Pilates. And on weekends, you can even relax with a massage or discover something completely different.

Those who have also lost their minds from the possibilities of choice come to the aid of a single subscription. Fitmost has hundreds of fitness centers and studios in six Russian cities. Buy a subscription, choose a workout and pay with points. I decided to try new directions for myself and evaluate the service.

Hot Pilates

Studio: Bikram yoga
Metro station: Park Kultury

Workout time: 60 minutes
Outfit: light leggings or shorts, bra, mat and two towels.
In addition: surcharge for rent of towels, rugs and water is about 300 rubles.

The experience of my first hot workout turned out to be the How Not to Do it. Since you can choose any studio convenient for you in the application, I found classes right on the next street and went there already in clothes for training. But hot Pilates involves training at a temperature of about 35 degrees and high humidity - almost a sport in a hammam. I had to return home completely wet. Therefore, if after visiting the studio you are planning some business, add + 30-40 minutes of time for training in order to take a shower. And do not forget to bring shampoo with you - most likely, your hair will also be wet.

Personal experience. How I went to several fitness clubs with one membership

Photo: bikram.ru

Acupressure massage

Clinic: Sagan Dali
Metro station: Rizhskaya
Session time : 90 minutes

The acupressure procedure is not suitable for those seeking relaxation after a hard day at work. The technique is quite painful, but it immediately reveals all those problems that are in your body. The massage is based on the knowledge of ancient Chinese doctors about the connection of individual points on the human body with certain organs or organ systems. Before the procedure, the doctor conducts a half-hour diagnosis, listens to the pulse and gives recommendations. On the couch, you will work out all the main zones using different degrees of pressure. Finally, they will put cans or hot stones on the most active points of the back.

Personal experience. How I went to several fitness clubs with one membership

Photo: sagandali.com

Personal experience. How I went to several fitness clubs with one membership

Experiment. How I tried 4 sports in a week

How to go every day to a new gym with one subscription. Personal experience.


Studio: Casablanca
Metro station: Lubyanka
Workout time: 60 minutes
Outfit: leggings, bras, T-shirt, sneakers.

Tired of the usual fitness, I decided to go to burn calories by dancing. I did not regret this idea at all, since with the loss it is unnecessaryWith this weight I gained a good mood and a charge of vivacity for the rest of the evening. Classes are active, dances are replaced one after another without interruption. Those who do not remember the ligaments very quickly should not worry - they are quite simple and easily deposited in the head after several repetitions. It will not work to seem like a black sheep in a group, even in the absence of dance skills - you can become your own after a couple of trainings and learned elements.


Studio: Free Floating
Metro Station: Akademika Yangel Street
Session Time: 120 minutes
Equipment: Hat, Slippers, Bathrobe , earplugs are given out on the spot.

Perhaps this is the only procedure that seemed rather strange to me. However, I understand that these are exclusively my feelings, because among my friends there are several fans of such relaxation.

The process of relaxation occurs when you immerse yourself in a special pool with a concentrated salt solution, which allows your body to "float" on the surface water. Thanks to the comfortable temperature, sound and light isolation, external stimuli are completely eliminated, and you are immersed in weightlessness.
For me two hours of disconnection from the outside world in a confined space seemed like an eternity, but for those who love solitude, do not suffer from claustrophobia and want to take a break from the noisy metropolis, floating is 100% suitable.

Personal experience. How I went to several fitness clubs with one membership

Photo: floating.moscow

In general, the advantages of a single subscription are obvious. This is not only a chance to try something new every day, but also the opportunity to choose a studio with a convenient location. In addition, all your workouts and routines are collected in one application - so it becomes much more difficult to miss or forget something.

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