Motivational 6 Month Weight Loss Journey | Step by Step

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?

Every day there are more and more people who want to challenge themselves and achieve ideal forms. However, the sheer number of workout variations is getting harder to figure out. Therefore, we are glad to present you our new columnist - wellness-trainer Andrey Semeshov .

In the past Andrey, a colleague in the shop, a journalist, transformed his body beyond recognition, and now he helps to achieve success others. In his future texts, he will become your guide through the intricate maze of methods, systems and nutrition programs and will share the most effective life hacks that will help you transform externally and internally.

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?


- Tell us how it all started. How did it happen that you switched from criminal journalism to work as a trainer and mentor?

- It began gradually, probably at the age of 25, when I needed to buy a new suit for work. I realized that I had to go to the store a la Three Fat Men. Then I weighed much more than 100 kg with a height of 170 cm, so it was simply impossible to buy a suit in normal stores. Then I wondered where to take the money: either to the doctors, or to the gym. I had never played any sport before, so I decided to take a chance and choose the second option. I bought my first subscription, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the sense to immediately contact the specialists. I spent 5-7 years on diets that were at the height of fashion, made a bunch of mistakes, got a lot of injuries. In general, I've come a long way to understand how everything works.

In the end, I figured it out, since higher education makes it possible to read books, be able to analyze and organize information (laughs). And when I began to systematically approach the issue of losing weight, I identified what works and realized that results can be achieved in six months. We are very lucky that there are strong methodologists in Russia who know how to motivate. I took a closer look at their practice, received specialized education and certification in the European coaching community and, as a result, formed my own system. Then my acquaintances began to turn to me, they began to ask for advice, even those whose training experience was richer. And I realized that I like to consult, I like to understand. So gradually a certain program was born, which is based on common sense, logic and physiology.

- Where do you propose to start a person who has decided to come to ideal forms?

- It's simple. Each of us has a smartphone with a program called a pedometer. See how much you walk a day. Most likely, it will not be more than 5-6 thousand steps. And the first thing I advise you to do: bring the norm to 12 thousand steps daily. This is not as much as it seems. You will have to make an effort, but this will immediately give a result, because about 300 calories will immediately go into negative territory. This practice must be adhered to throughout life, because our body is sharpened to movement.

It is not for nothing that they say that gipodynamia is the scourge of our time. Moreover, I welcome the calculations with the clock or the phone, because we will not be able to walk about 12 thousand steps. There was a similar experiment on food: if a person was counting, he ate 2000 calories a day, and put 300-500 calories on top of it. Steps are the simplest life hack, it does not require any super efforts and additional skills. But you have to walk in any weather.

- What comes first: nutrition or exercise?

- Unfortunately, nutrition. This is 80% success. You can kill yourself in the gym five days a week, but if there is no understanding of what and how much a person eats, the result will not be achieved. Everyone should have a control mechanism built up.

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?


- What is psychologically more difficult: restriction of food or regular physical activity?

- Who doesn't like which more. There is a large percentage of people who think they cannot live without sweets. Here I advise you not to eat it one day. Yes, it will be a little uncomfortable, but everyone is free to experience this day.

Of course, overeating is the most important problem. We were created with limited resources. Our brain does not know if there will be food tomorrow, so since we caught up with the mammoth, we must eat everything at once. Plus, even in childhood, everyone is overfed, so correction of eating behavior is probably the most difficult stage.

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?

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- Do you have any tips or life hacks on how to change your eating habits? For example, some people advise taking pictures of everything you eat.

- Well, if someone wants to be surprised, they can take pictures and at the end of the day see how much they ate. But I insist that the most effective method is to count calories. I’m trying to explain to people that it takes 5-7 minutes a day, and it’s not that hard to cut off 300 calories a day. There are many counting programs out there, they are so automated that you don't need to do anything at all. Then you can go deeper and count the number of BJUs, this is again elementary. If the person is motivated, there will be no problems. I once worked with a very successful lawyer and we were in the counting phase. He even went to events with small weights, and no one laughed, on the contrary, they welcomed that the person was watching himself.

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?

Transformation. Cyril, 40 years old. The term is 8 months.

Photo: @Kirill

- Do you have a specific training plan, what and how much you need to do? Or, at first, any physical activity is better than nothing?

- First, I ask people if they do sports. If they are already engaged in, for example, volleyball, I do not persuade and do notI tell you that this is wrong and you must definitely go to the gym. A person has found himself in some kind of motor activity that he likes, and let it become better, more, stronger. But most of the sport is on you. And then I explain that we have a lot of muscles in our body, some of them are generally designed for movement on four limbs. You can imagine that our body is a car in which the lion's share of parts are not used at all, it will begin to rust and deteriorate. Therefore, I propose to load these parts, albeit artificially. Fortunately, there have been a lot of interesting studies lately that talk about how our bodies work and how this affects muscle and adipose tissue. And now it is already possible with great reason to appeal to such a concept as the volume of the load, how many approaches to perform and how much rest between them.

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?

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- What should be the frequency of training?

- The main answer is adequate. You can train six days a week for 30 minutes, and it will be effective, or you can train two days for an hour, and it will be no worse. If we take the research results, then from the point of view of muscle hypertrophy, it is better to load the muscles twice a week. But this is again a fact, and you can build a training program as you like. If a person can walk twice, we do one program, if five - another, the main thing is to calculate so that the body has time to recover. Exercising 2 to 4 times a week is great.

- They say that at the initial stage after training, you want to eat even more. How to deal with this?

- Yes, this is a known problem. A person trained, spent 400 calories in 1.5 hours, and then went and rewarded himself with a thousand. It turns out that he crossed out the result of the training twice. How to get out of the situation? You can transfer all the food to the evening, nothing terrible will happen, and in the morning you cheat yourself a little. The main thing is to maintain a daily balance.

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?

Transformation: Alexander, 39 years old. Term 6 months.

Photo: @texas

- By the way, when is it more effective to train: in the morning or in the evening?

- Individually, depends on how the body is configured. As a general rule, most people peak at around 3-4 pm. But if there is an option to exercise only at 6 in the morning, the body will get used to it. The main thing is to exercise.

Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?

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Personal experience. Body transformation in 6 months - real or not?

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- How long does it take to see the first result?

- I ask people to weigh themselves and measure their waist once a week. And if they systematically implement all the points of my simple program, they see the result every week. If we talk about changes, when a person saw and gasped, it will take at least a month. There is no fairy tale, you need to take it and do it.


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