10 Biggest Mistakes I've Made During My Personal Training Career [Avoid These If You Can]

Personal experience: 10 main mistakes of a beginner in running

Once popular in the international running community, Runner’s Word magazine published a useful, funny list of 37 common mistakes that runners constantly make. We have collected 10 of them in our top. Each of these mistakes can lead to serious injury, including psychological. Here we are, of course, ironic, but running is a process that needs to be loved not only on a physical, but also on a psycho-emotional level, then jogging will give extremely positive emotions and help unload the head from unnecessary thoughts.

Personal experience: 10 main mistakes of a beginner in running

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This list was created so that nothing distracts you from the running itself and didn’t hurt to enjoy the forward movement.

Mistake # 1. Dressing too warm for your winter run

… and then carrying your jacket in your hands and getting sick. We have already written many times that when dressing for a run in winter or late autumn, it is necessary to take into account the principle of layering. The more thin layers, the warmer. Dressing for a run in the cool season is necessary according to the principle of "cabbage": the first layer is tights and something well absorbing - a T-shirt or long sleeve, the second layer is shorts and a jacket, worn on the first layer. The jacket must be made of the correct material, which, due to its structure, is endowed with the properties of removing moisture and simultaneously retaining heat, the third layer is protection from wind and bad weather (windbreaker, waterproof light jacket). You should not judge your appearance and readiness for a run based on what you usually wear in this weather, after all, we are used to getting from work to the subway on foot, not by running. Therefore, it is very important to dress so as not to freeze or overheat.

Personal experience: 10 main mistakes of a beginner in running

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Mistake # 2. Ignore the warm-up

Get up straight from your desk and run a few miles. Seriously? Our feet have completely different thoughts on this matter. Warming up is a very important element of running. Remember the basics of school physical education. Not sure where to start? Make circular movements with your head, swing your arms. To stretch your back, bend your body forward, backward, and sideways. To warm up your lower body, place your legs wide and try to touch your forehead to your knees without bending them; in the same position, stretch your forehead to the ground. Another effective exercise is lunges, put one leg forward, bend it at the knee and, without lifting your back leg off the ground, squat down several times.

Mistake # 3. Do not do self-massage and stretching after training

First: I have no time for this at all. The next day: I move like a zombie from The Walking Dead. Available self-massage options:

- Self-massage with hands: stroking, pressing, rubbing and tapping.

- Self-massage with massesBig balls and rollers (or a tennis ball and a bottle).

- Using special massagers.

Mistake # 4. Running with an injury

I'll just force myself to run some more and then take a couple of sick days. Excessive training is the shortest path to injury. The inevitable fatigue that they cause is accompanied by muscle fatigue and overexertion of tendons, which swell and become damaged if you continue to exercise and overcome pain.

Mistake # 5. Don't eat after exercise

Recovery and nutrition are critical parts of the training process.

Mistake # 6. Use new socks, sneakers, equipment, food for competitions

Personal experience: 10 main mistakes of a beginner in running

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Error # 7. Running too fast at the start of the race

Mistake # 8. Buy sneakers in the wrong size

The fullness of your shoes is just as important as length when it comes to running gear. People do not always pay due attention to this, but in vain! Most runners have wider or narrower feet. People who have problems with the fullness of their shoes experience friction between the foot and the shoe, thus risking blistering and injury from movement in improperly fitted shoes. Taking a running test with a specialist will help you find the right shoes.

Personal experience: 10 main mistakes of a beginner in running

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Correct foot placement, perfect landing, breathing and heart rate are all about what a champion running technique is all about.

Mistake # 9. Don't pump up your core muscles

Plank? Who needs it at all ... The faster you run, the less you are in contact with the ground: here the body of the body comes into play. It helps you stay balanced when you are not touching the ground, so you can stay in good shape while increasing your pace without compromising your training efficiency.

Mistake # 10. Wear sneakers to the limit

The resource of sneakers is, according to various estimates, from 500 to 1000-1200 kilometers. Keep this in mind and if it seems to you that the time has come to update your favorite sneakers due to the fact that you have begun to experience discomfort, then feel free to go to the store.

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