HOW I CLEARED MY ACNE IN 30 DAYS || modelling story + skincare routine

Perfect skin. How an Australian model got rid of acne with PP

Skin problems concern many women and men at any age. Inflammation, flaking, dermatitis, and other blemishes can appear for a variety of reasons. One thing you need to know for sure - diseases should not be allowed to take their course.

In 2018, the Australian model Georgia Gibbs almost put an end to her career due to acne. At first, the girl was afraid to answer video calls from relatives, if only they did not ask what happened to her face. But she tackled the problem in time and decided to cleanse her body by changing her diet.

Why did Georgia Gibbs start having skin problems?

Two years ago, the girl seemed to have reached the peak of her modeling career. In early 2018, Georgia was invited to appear for Sports Illustrated magazine. As you know, only the most promising models in excellent physical shape appear on its pages.

But the joy of success did not last long. Due to a serious illness, Gibbs underwent surgery and eight courses of antibiotics. They hit the girl's stomach and intestines so hard that after a month her face was completely covered with acne.

The model did not hesitate and went to the doctor. Doctors found out that the inflammation was caused by subcutaneous mites - parasites that cause various irritations. It became clear that for a full recovery, Gibbs would have to radically change the diet, consult a beautician and take care of home facials.

Perfect skin. How an Australian model got rid of acne with PP

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Perfect skin. How an Australian model got rid of acne with PP

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What diet did the model follow?

In order to restore perfect skin, the girl regularly attended enzyme therapy sessions with a beautician, went to a naturopathic doctor, conscientiously followed all recommendations and followed a diet. Georgia had been free of gluten, preservatives, caffeine, sugar and fructose for three months. The model gave an example of a healthy daily diet.

Meal Dish
Breakfast Smoothie with spinach, cabbage, celery, cucumber, coriander and almond milk.
The girl also added collagen-based protein and a powder supplement to restore the stomach and intestines
Lunch Avocados, Eggs & Herbs
Dinner Large salad,seasoned with apple cider vinegar, and soup

Today, the girl's meal plan has ceased to be so strict and meager. And yet she tries to adhere to the principles of PP and shares the recipes with the audience.

Perfect skin. How an Australian model got rid of acne with PP

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Perfect skin. How an Australian model got rid of acne with PP

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Progress is evident: what has the treatment led to?

With an honest approach to treatment, Gibbs was able to regain healthy skin and reappear in front of photographers. But the positive results of combating acne did not end there. The model as a whole began to lead a healthier lifestyle. She now plays sports regularly and talks to subscribers about cooking and skincare experiences.

In addition, Georgia and her colleague, plus-size model Kate Wesley, founded a body-positive movement called AnyBody. Girls with such different figures and life stories encourage thousands of women to accept themselves as they are and love their bodies along with their flaws.

Perfect skin. How an Australian model got rid of acne with PP

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