Why Cycling Is The BEST Sport for Weight Loss

Perfect cardio: 5 reasons to start cycling

How to recognize a person who has not been to the fitness room for a long time? He still thinks cycling is very boring. Popular cycle trainings are carried out on stationary bicycles we know, but such an activity is not just monotonous riding for time or speed, but a whole series of intense exercises that are performed under the strict guidance of a trainer and loud music.

What is cycling?

The training itself includes an imitation of real rides on slopes, mountains and other relief surfaces. The pioneer and developer of this direction was the American John Goldberg. The trainings themselves have always been group and were held indoors. Although today it will not be difficult to buy an exercise bike and place it at home, so you can practice according to an individual program.

Training duration : 40 to 60 minutes;

Difficulty : different programs for different training levels;

Equipment : cycling shorts, gloves, water bottle, towel.

On the other side of the ocean and in Europe, cycling has long been a trend. In one of its issues, the newspaper The Independent wrote that today cycling has become even more powerful than before, and studios that are springing up like mushrooms across the country confirm this idea. Cycling is not just a group exercise class on stationary bicycles, it is almost a spiritual experience, accompanied by motivating exclamations from instructors and amicable support from cheering cyclists.

5 reasons to cycle training

Suitable for almost everyone. If you have contraindications to power loads and exercises in the gym due to back problems or pain in the lumbar spine, then exercising on a stationary bike will help you stay fit. There is practically no load on the lower back and back during cycling.

We spin the pedals and lose weight. Cycle training is an effective method for losing weight. One lesson can burn about 500-700 calories, which is a lot.

We work in a complex. Practically all muscle groups are involved in the course: calves, hips, buttocks, abs and even arms. Such loads can improve the figure comprehensively.

Strong in the heart. Cycling is an intense cardio workout that strengthens the heart and improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, breathing is normalized, and metabolic processes are accelerated.

It's fun. Group lessons to music or watching a movie, a coach charging with emotions, and endless exclamations of “keep the pace” - everything this lies at the heart of cycle culture and makes every workout unique.

Where to go cycling in Moscow?

Cycle Studio by World Class - https://worldclass.studio/cycle-studio

Velobit - https://velobeat.ru

As a bonus: the first workout is free.

Rock the Cycle - https://rockthecycle.ru

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