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Penalties. What happens if you work on a weekend

For three months now, the world has been fighting the spread of coronavirus infection. The United States now ranks first in the list of countries with the most infected, and the numbers continue to grow at an incredible rate. In Russia, the situation is only gaining momentum.

A few days ago, Vladimir Putin declared the period from March 28 to April 5 to be officially inactive. Now all restaurants, bars are closed, the provision of services requiring the full-time presence of people is suspended. On weekends, grocery stores, pharmacies, medical institutions, banks, public transport and all levels of government continue to operate normally.

How do Russians adhere to quarantine?

Despite to a huge number of warnings - here is the newsletter from Sergei Sobyanin with a reminder that a non-working week is a quarantine, and new stickers on Instagram asking you to stay at home - some residents of the capital ignored the government's request. Some went to barbecue, others bought tickets to Sochi. The closure of all public places has not become an obstacle either: people walk in parks and courtyards, and playgrounds are overcrowded.

On the second day of the quarantine, the authorities were forced to urge residents to stay at home using speakerphone. It seems that many Russians are in their own world, where the word pandemic is generally unknown.

Penalties. What happens if you work on a weekend

Extreme measures. Who will work during quarantine in Russia

The non-working week officially starts on March 28th.

Penalties. What happens if you work on a weekend

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Some representatives of show business could not restrain their emotions from what was happening.

Will they be punished for non-compliance with quarantine?

Yes, they will. The State Duma urgently amended the Code of Administrative Offenses. So, for violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, which harmed the health of others, a fine is imposed. Its amount will be from 15 to 47 thousand rubles. If the violation is repeated, the amount will increase: from 150 to 300 thousand rubles.

What will happen if you work on the weekend?

Small and medium-sized businesses will suffer greatly from the quarantine conditions, despite the efforts to support them. By extending the non-business week, even these measures will not help organizations to stay afloat. The most ambitious restrictions affected the service sector.

Penalties. What happens if you work on a weekend


In case non-compliance with quarantine officials face a fine of 50 to 150 thousand rubles. For a repeated violation, you will have to pay from 150 to 300 thousand rubles. For legal entities, more significant figures were designated: from 200 to 500 thousand rubles for the first and from 500 thousand to 1 million rubles for a second violation. An alternative to fines is deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in specific activities for up to three years. Imprisonment for up to three years is also likely.

Penalties. What happens if you work on a weekend

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Penalties. What happens if you work on a weekend

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Weekend Partygoers Could Face Penalties

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