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Pause running. What to do when outdoor training is prohibited

Perhaps one of the hardest parts of self-isolation fell on fitness lovers and runners. And while strength training can somehow be replaced at home, the situation with running is much more complicated. What to do? Winding circles around the bed or waiting quietly for the pandemic to end? We asked professional athletes for advice and share it with you.

Nina Zarina, running since 2012:
The most important thing you can do now is accept the situation ... Unfortunately, it so happens that uncertain circumstances interfere with ideal plans. Stop, breathe out, think about what you never had time for. A month without intense training is actually not such a long period and a good opportunity to try online classes through mobile apps. And, of course, it is important that even in self-isolation mode there are close people near you who will support your motivation and share interesting leisure ideas. Or maybe the treadmill or bike station will be given away for a while.

Andrey Baryshnikov, has been taking part in races since 2014:
The main thing is not to forget that this difficult time will end and we we'll see you together again at the competition. If you have the opportunity to order any exercise machine - ideal. This will diversify and improve your training. Another option is applications with the OFP program. Many of them are now available for free, it seems like a great opportunity to try something new!

Vladimir Nikitin, in athletics since 2010:
Coronavirus disrupted plans, perhaps all athletes. A considerable number of competitions have been canceled and postponed. Yes, at the moment the situation is not easy, but this is no reason to lose heart and give up. Because everything is in your hands! Despite the quarantine, I continue to train at home and try to set myself up in a positive way, think only about the good. I am sure that the virus will soon recede and we will start living again as we did before. I wish you all good health and good mood.

Ulyana Avvakumenkova, has been participating in competitions since 2010:
I have many activities that help me not to lose heart, fill and support me I am floating, for example, reading, writing some texts for social networks or just for the soul, watching your favorite TV series. For example, I love watching Friends - they definitely do not let me feel sad even in the darkest times. And, of course, communication with family and friends every day. In order to keep myself in good shape, every day I do stretching and conditioning. Plus, I approach isolation from the point of view that sooner or later it will end, but you can endure for a certain period of time; and enduring is my direct job, I can do it well thanks to running.

Elena Korobkina, in 2008 the first protrusionsilt at international competitions:
I believe that now in no case should you become limp and stop playing sports! Now we all have a lot of free time to tighten up our form and work out our weaknesses. Let it be at home, but you need to do physical exercises every day. Physical activity as nothing stimulates and strengthens our immune system, and it also allows you to keep your figure in great shape. After all, summer and the beach season, as well as the sports and running season, are just around the corner. And I really hope that we will come out of quarantine fit and beautiful!

Anton Tishakin, has been training in the Running Monastery since 2018:
Last season I had a lot of injuries, and now is the time when you need to strengthen your body and get out of quarantine healthy. I follow world-class athletes, and if they are able to stay at home now, then I definitely can. There are many different battles on social networks now, this will help you diversify your workouts and raise your emotional background.

Coach of the Running Community Pavel Kondrashev:
I think I won't surprise anyone if I say that now is not the easiest time. It is very important to maintain a positive attitude, not succumb to apathy and continue to train at home. I recommend not changing your usual work rhythm - this will help keep the body in good shape, and the day will be more productive and interesting. For sports motivation, you can keep a diary where you will record your daily workouts, well-being, changes in weight and parameters. This will be an excellent goal to get out of quarantine in great shape.

Dmitry Tarasov, founder of the running community and director of the Moscow Marathon:
Race organizers are going through difficult times. It's not just about financial losses. In this area, people are busy who are passionate about their work. We also miss the atmosphere of the events, we lack the inspiration that we draw from our audience. It's no exaggeration to say that the life of the entire team is built around the running season. Now we feel the same confusion as our participants.
Personally, I miss the opportunity to go into the finish corridor: shake hands with the prize-winners, give five to those who finish not even in the first thousand, hug the traders. At such moments you understand who you are working for. I look forward to the day when I feel it again. And it helps you not to give up.

When you endure at the marathon (and I had and such experience), the main thing to remember is that any distance has a finish. Kilometers drag on for a long time, but even the most unsuccessful race ever ends. This period will also end. Try to direct your emotions in this direction. Imagine the day when you will go back to a full workout or start. What will you run in. Whom will you devote your kilometers to? Hthen tell the volunteer who will put the medal on you. Hope we get back to running even happier and more grateful that we have such a cool opportunity to run.

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