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Paris on fire: 20 best photos after the victory of the national team at the 2018 World Cup

The World Cup is over, and tears of joy and slight sadness over the outgoing championship froze in the eyes of the fans. It was a busy month, filled with completely different and dissimilar emotions. We dismissed the question, "How are ours?", And then again learned to believe in ours and support not ours.

The victory of the French national team is the result that the tricolors have been waiting for 20 years. That is why yesterday evening Paris was sparkling not only from the camera flashes of numerous tourists, but primarily thanks to people, smiles, tears and fires on fire. How it happened, see our selection of photos.

Needless to say, EVERYONE took to the streets that evening. Winning the 2018 World Cup is more than just a gold trophy, more than a football competition, it is a long-awaited national holiday.

This is the moment worth keeping home country flag and national team jersey.

Wanted moment share at the same time with the closest and dearest and with the whole country.

This is a football story, which was happening before our eyes. And how nice it is to be in the middle of this moment.

А while it remains to wait for a new championship, new discoveries and victories!

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