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Outdoor pools in Moscow and the beauties that are waiting for you there

Outdoor pools are a great way to escape the heat in a big city. Here you can not only swim and relax, but also, for example, make new acquaintances. For those who, for some reason, haven’t been to outdoor pools, we have collected the best sites in Moscow and supported them with photographs of charming visitors.


Where: metro station Park Kultury
Price: for persons from 18 to 25 years old - 1200 rubles / day, over 25 years old - 1600 rubles / day
Working hours: Mon- Sat 7: 00-22: 45; Sun 8: 00–20: 45

Perhaps the most famous swimming pool in Moscow. It is spacious and comfortable here. You can also swim in Chaika even in winter.

You need a medical certificate to visit. You can get it locally.

Aqua complex Luzhniki

Where : metro station Sparrow Hills
Price: from 800 rubles / hour
Working hours: 07: 00-23: 00

Two swimming pools (25 m and 50 m), food court, volleyball, playground - all overlooking the main stadium of the 2018 World Cup.

The Bassein

Where: stm. Sokolniki
Price: from 500 rubles / session (2 h 45 m)
Working hours : 10: 00-21: 45

An entertainment area with a swimming pool is located in Sokolniki Park. On the territory there are tables for table tennis, a restaurant-bar, an area for children. DJ parties on weekends.

The Poll

Where: st.m. Dmitrovskaya (design-plant Flacon)
Price: 500 rubles / entrance
Working hours: 10: 00-23: 00

The not very large pool is compensated by the number of other possible activities and parties, as well as a democratic price and free sun loungers. A bright place for summer vacations in good company.

Shore House

Where: st.m. Myakinino (Crocus City)
Price: from 2000 rubles / day
Working hours: 11: 00–22: 00 (weekdays), 10: 00– 21:00 (Sat-Sun)

Not the most convenient option in terms of location, but nearby you can learn water sports, look at the yacht club or eat at the restaurant of Arkady Novikov, which includes the pool.

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