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Our answer to Hollywood. How Valeria remains slim at 52

People's Artist of Russia Valeria recently turned 52 years old, and she still looks more like a teenager, and not a mother of three children wise with life experience. A slender, bright and plastic singer does not hide how she manages to carry youth through the years - she often gives interviews on this matter and shares training videos with subscribers on Instagram.

Our answer to Hollywood. How Valeria remains slim at 52

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No extreme weight loss and training before losing consciousness.

Yoga is the best sport

Valeria admits that throughout her life its weight practically does not change. As I was 55 kg at the age of 18, and now, - says the singer. But at first she was indifferent to sports - the girl gave all her strength to the music school. True, she was always fascinated by the plasticity of gymnasts and ballerinas, and even as a child she easily sat on the twine. But in physical education she still had a stable threefold, and seriously joined the sport only after she realized that she was at risk of being left without a gold medal. In high school, she became interested in aerobics, which was fashionable at that time, and eventually became friends with sports for life.

The girl tried all types of fitness, even bodybuilding, but in the end she stopped at yoga. She learned all the wisdom at home from video lessons, carving out any free minute in the busy schedule.

This is what the singer says in an interview with Hello magazine. She is so passionate about yoga that she even wrote the book Yoga with Valeria. Secrets of beauty and slimness.

Our answer to Hollywood. How Valeria remains slim at 52

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The reason is hidden in daily habits.

At the same time, Valeria still tries to visit gyms regularly and run in the morning. She even finds time for sports on tour and works out 4-5 times a week. Now, in quarantine, and even more. Workouts six times a week, otherwise, it seems to me, you can go crazy from the static existence, - the singer wrote on Instagram.

Green tea and kefir days

My slimness is not a gift of nature. To look good, you have to put in a lot of effort - this is physical activity, and, of course, strict adherence to the principles of proper nutrition. I excluded fried, smoked, sweet, starchy foods from the diet, I gave up butter, I don’t eat protein and carbohydrate foods at once. Once a week I arrange fasting kefir days. I prefer a fractional diet, 5-6 times a day in small portions, - shares the secrets of the harmony of the singertsa. To this we can add that the singer is completely indifferent to alcohol and does not touch cigarettes.

Valeria never skips breakfast - in the morning she prefers cottage cheese or porridge, drinks a lot of water and green tea, and dines very early - the artist has long taught herself not to eat after six. She prefers natural sweets - honey in combs, fresh fruits and dried fruits, such as apple chips. Her main diet is fresh and stewed vegetables, fish, seafood, veal and chicken.

Sometimes she can take liberties - for example, on vacation or at a family feast. Maybe pamper yourself with a wedge of dark chocolate with tea. If you suddenly need to urgently throw off a few pounds, he goes on a diet. Previously, she was generally fond of them, but now she tries to eat in moderation: Any diet, especially mono, disrupts the usual balance in the body, knocks down the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, I use protein very rarely, but I have refused the rest altogether.

Our answer to Hollywood. How Valeria remains slim at 52

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The singer is sure that 70% of a good figure is due to her work, and not genetics.

Good genes

Of course, all people are different And aging is influenced not only by our lifestyle and health conditions, but also by our genes. Undoubtedly, Valeria puts a lot of work into her appearance and is a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, but some are naturally given to maintain a young appearance until old age. We think Valeria was lucky in this regard, and her work was multiplied by initially good genes. It is this combination of factors that allows her to look so young.

The singer's grandmother lived to be 100 years old and remained active and vigorous until her death. The same can be said for her mom, who recently turned 82. Galina Nikolaevna leads an active lifestyle, travels a lot, and recently dropped a dozen kilos, starting to eat according to her daughter's methods. It should be noted that Valeria is strikingly similar to both her mother and grandmother.

can you give this blooming woman 82 years old? Of course, she no longer looks like a girl, but you can't call her a feeble old woman either. And what a beauty she was in her youth! Poured Valeria - the same eyes, an oval face and a radiant smile.

Skin care and no plastic surgeons

Valeria admits that after 30 you cannot do without the services of professional cosmetologists. Every two months she undergoes plasma lifting and laser lifting procedures, and in between, she thoroughly cares for her skin at home. She is also proud of the fact that she did not undergo plastic surgery. Yes, you can do plastic surgery by tying the skin on the back of your head. But an easy gait, graceful posture, healthy joints -in general, not a single surgeon will give you everything that distinguishes young people, ”the singer said in an interview for 7 days.

Regular procedures, good cleansing, properly selected creams, face masks and good sleep - these are the basic principles of Valeria's skin care. Plus, of course, Valeria protects the skin from the effects of ultraviolet radiation and uses SPF products in the summer. All this allows her to look great even without makeup.

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